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Drones are certainly here; this kind of soft-ware based warfare of which the FLAME virus and Stuxnet were also manifestations of this information age off-shoot where industrial age economics is displaced to a backseat in favor of digital technologies and transnational capital flows. The next development will be un-manned fighter planes, further extending the idea of cyber-warfare. The targets of much of these efforts has been the Taliban, and more specifically, the Pashto Tribes where some feel to be composed entirely of three of the Lost Tribes of  Israel: Efraim, Gad and Reuven.

---Massoud, a warrior who maintained his humanity. (Photograph by Reza Deghati) “If there had never been a war,” he said, “I would have been a very good architect.”--- Read More:http://costofwar.wordpress.com/tag/taliban/

Still, regardless of which camp one adheres to, the war in Afghanistan may then be about killing Israelites of one form or another. It is said these three Israeli tribes were Islamized around 1903, and they then  then kept some of the traditional Israeli Laws. Apparently,  Taliban wives lit candles on the Sabbath eve, children are still cirmcumcized on the eighth day, and other traditions are kept. So, things are more complicated than they seem; a muddy glass situation where a white liberal, secular Israeli elite is profiting from a situation by supplying arms and sophisticated weaponry against what may ostensibly, and even profoundly, be their own kin, or ilk.

And of the Jewish supply of arms to Darfur? Israel, or again, the military complex, subsidized as it is, is complicit in the refugee problem from Sudan and now in South Tel-Aviv.  Jewish arms dealers supplied arms for Darfur massacre where 500.000 people were killed; direct sales, and more importantly as brokers and agents. A scenario of selling arms to something obscure and very black, especially if they can get paid in cash and on a C.O.D. basis, perhaps in  gold and in diamonds. The proverbial elephant in the glass shop….

---Refugees have been fleeing from the horrors of the genocide and ethnic cleansing taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan. A growing number make their way into Israel in hope that the democratic state will be more forgiving than its Egyptian neighbor, where refugees are shot upon approaching the border. However, they cross the border to find that the same country which came to life in the shadow of its' own people's genocide, is restricting refugees from entering, and keeping those who succeeded far from sight in detention camps. IDF forces are planning not to allow any more refugees from crossing the border into Israel, claiming that their constant flow may flood the country.---Read More:http://globalvoicesonline.org/2007/08/01/israel-sudanese-refugees-like-darfur-as-auschwitz/

The counter-intuitive thinking then, is to try to shape radical Islam, and Islamic resistance, replete with all its twisted ideologies, as a means of stalling, discrediting and even obliterating the Israel secular elite that continues to treat religious jews as tolerated guests in their allegedly Biblical homeland through condecending tokenism and colonial attitude, reminiscent of the German Jews attitude to the Eastern European jews. The aura of the Transfer Agreement with Eichmann and the Nazis in the 1930′s  still holds sway. Some conclusions draw back to an inverted, assymmetrical one state solution, perhaps Kahanist, that invokes the creation of a Palestinian State whie staying in Judea and Samaria, with Jewish army units a part of the Palestinian army perhaps fighting together the Left secularists. Very strange indeed.



( see link at end) …Rather, Andrew Feinstein writes in his new book ‘The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade’, the swarms of men — most of them teenagers driven to madness from forcible injections of crack cocaine into their heads — were a machine oiled by the dollars of some of the world’s biggest arms traders, who handed the rebels caches of weapons in exchange for unfettered access to the timber fields and diamond mines of West Africa.

Those same weapons — carried into Liberia and passed across the porous border into warring Sierra Leone aboard a British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) 1-11 jet owned by the notorious Ukrainia

rn Israeli arms dealer Leonid Minin — were used to murder 6,000 civilians, maim and mutilate tens of thousands more and send 100,000 fleeing for their lives.

While this ‘orgy of bewildering cruelty’ was being wrought on the world’s least developed country, on a population subsisting largely on less than a dollar a day, Minin and his associates pocketed tens of millions of dollars.

Such exchanges — of lives for ‘business as usual’ — are the subjects of ‘Shadow World’, the first account of its kind to chronicle the corruption, collateral damage and protagonists involved in the world’s most lucrative business.

Feinstein writes, ‘Global military expenditure is estimated to have totaled 1.6 trillion dollars in 2010, 235 dollars for every single person on the planet. This is an increase of 53 percent since 2000 and accounts for 2.6 percent of global GDP.

‘The trade in conventional arms, both big and small, is worth about 60 billion dollars a year,’ he notes….

David Teniers the Younger, Actsof Mercy.---This matrix was originally posted in conjunction with President Obama's overt hostility toward Israel. When the crisis arose in Egypt where there was widespread opposition to President Mubarak, Obama declared, "What is clear — and what I indicated tonight to President Mubarak — is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, and it must begin now." The demands made by the U.S. President had a tone that made it sound like he was also elected as President of Egypt. There seemed to be no concept of Egyptian soverignty, or of the need for Egypt to solve its own problems internally. ... His name is shown at its 6th lowest ELS in wrapped Torah (which requires more than one computer pass through the 304,805 letters of Torah to find). It is directly crossed by one of the Torah’s 8 uses of the term PHARAOH KING OF EGYPT. Perhaps President Obama has a distant memory of being Pharaoh, King of Egypt in a past life. Indeed, there is a statue that backs this idea in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo that was attacked in the rebellion, and which was at the heart of the rebellion in Cairo's Tahrir Square! --- Read More:http://www.arkcode.com/custom3_98.html image:Wiki

The U.S.’s national security budget alone reaches a trillion dollars a year, with a defence portfolio topping 703 billion annually, but it is by no means the only, or even the worst actor in the war economy. China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Israel and China are also formidable players in the arms game.

Citing statistics from the U.S. department of commerce, Feinstein reckons that the global arms trade accounts for almost half — 40 percent — of total corruption in world trade.

Rarely occurring out in the open, Feinstein posits that arms deals occupy a shadow land, midway between legal but opaque ‘grey’ transactions and the utterly lawless black market.

Here, ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’ are fluid terms, and could refer to anyone from government agents and gunrunners to pariah states and private detectives to guerilla fighters and corporate CEOs.

---Gozan is the historical name of the Amu River in Afghanistan, hence the Torah says: “The God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul King of Assyria, and the spirit of Tilgath Pilnesser King of Assyria, and he carried them away, even the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and brought to Halah, and Habor, and Hara and to the river of Gozan to this day.” (Kings II, 17 and 18; Chronicles 1:5)---Read More:http://www.biblesearchers.com/hebrewchurch/primitive/losttribesisrael9.shtml

He writes, ‘From world wars to the Cold War to the War on Terror… arms dealers, weapons manufacturers and governments have fuelled and perpetuated tensions in pursuit of profit, on occasion selling to all sides in the same conflict.’

…When Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak finally fell from power, China, Russia, the UK, the U.S. and France slipped slowly into the shadows, offering token denunciations of the regime while stuffing away the bank slips documenting their years-long arms deals with Egypt.

And when NATO flew its sorties over Gaddafi’s incendiary Libya last year, the righteous warplanes were on the lookout for weapons bearing the names of Russian, French, German and Italian arms manufacturers: in effect spending millions to eradicate arms provided by its own member states.

…’When I first emailed Joe der Hovsepian (the notorious Armenian- Lebanese weapons titan who had never given an interview prior to his talk with Feinstein), he responded along the lines of, ‘In my long life I’ve never done anything for nothing. Why should I start now?”

Feinstein also hounded the World Trade Organisation about why its ‘defence is the one sector in which economic offsets are allowed to be used in public procurement decisions.’ He is still waiting for an answer.

…As a former member of the African National Congress (ANC), the author was first awakened to the opportunity cost of the shadow world when he discovered that the newly-elected government of post-apartheid South Africa spent close to 10 billion dollars on arms and weapons in its early years in power, even while lamenting vociferously its lack of funds to provide antiretroviral drugs to the country’s six million HIV-positive citizens.

Half a decade later, while the freshly acquired war machinery grew rusty in warehouses, 355,000 South Africans had died preventable deaths. Read More:http://www.globalissues.org/news/2012/02/09/12672

By Yossi Melman, Haaretz

Dec 16, 2004 — Two Israelis have been arrested in Jordan on suspicion of smuggling arms to Sudanese rebels, a London-based Arabic-language newspaper reported Thursday

According to the report in A-Sharq-al-Awsat, and which relies on anonymous Jordanian sources, the unnamed Israeli suspects told investigators that they had connections to various Israeli companies and entities, and mentioned the names of arms dealers Amos Golan and Shimon Naor, among others.

The paper further reported that the two suspects also brought up the son of Labor MK Danny Yatom during questioning in Jordan.

Yatom, a former head of the Mossad intelligence agency, has five children, and although the paper did not specify to which of his children the two suspects referred, the most likely is his 30 year-old son, who served in the Israeli security forces and now owns a company offering security and military training services.

Shimon Naor is an arms dealer who has previously been arrested in Romania for smuggling weapons to the Angolan rebel forces of Dr. Jonas Savimbi.

Amos Golan is known for being an arms dealer active in Africa, particularly in Uganda. He is also the former commander of the Israel Defense Forces school of urban warfare and was a lieutenant colonel in the undercover “Duvdevan” unit. Golan had ties to Meir Dagan before the latter’s appointment as the current head of Mossad.

In response to the report, MK Yatom told Haaretz on Thursday that his son is in no way related to the alleged arms dealers, and had never been connected in any way to the training of Sudanese rebels.Read More:http://www.sudantribune.com/Israelis-held-in-Jordan-on-arms,7043

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