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Sanctions imposed, uranium disposed? Hardly. A red herring used as a pretext to crimp personal liberty and freedom of expression is most certainly one of the attributes of the Iranian nuclear phenomenon.But, despite the destroyed centrifuges and blown-up scientists, destroyed facilities, they seem to keep doggedly at it in pursuit of the magical elixir that in a twisted ideological way will provide a particular form of Islamic redemption, a hastening of the apocalypse on their terms and a wedding gist to the rest of the world.

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A secular issue based on international law and a religious issue found in such complex teasings of the data as found in Torah codes. The Left can claim a political resolution based on de-fanging a fascist component, one supported by masses of Iranians with all the traits and contradictions: the totalitarian fascism actualy not being a uniquely reactionary movement, but a blend of rebellious emotions and reactionary social ideas based on Islamic faith. And everyone can profit from the crisis; the Flame and Stuxnet computer viruses, seemingly from only the resources a government can muster by printing cash, can, significantly, also be used equally effectively in spying on citizens in the West deemed to be problematic to the smooth running of the state apparatus. It is also a new form of military procurement that is part of this trend towards drone warfare and less boots in the sand; a warfare by software specialists in a more central role in information age warfare and less industrial age fiscal stimulus to the economy as in the past.

( see link at end) …..The Flame computer virus that has been attacking Middle Eastern energy facilities, primarily in Iran, has been ordered to self destruct, Symantec anti-virus company stated Sunday. The origin of the Flame virus has been the subject of wide speculation. A number of Israeli computer experts told The Jerusalem Post that the complexity of the Flame bears the hallmarks of a program engineered by a state.

In an official blog post, Symantec revealed that the virus, which it termed “Flamer,” had been sent an updated directive from its command-and-control (C&C) servers designed to completely remove itself from compromised computers. According to the post, the command would “leave no traces of the (Flame) infection behind.”

—It’s been rumored for some time that the Stuxnet virus, which attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010 before escaping and wreaking havoc on the public Web, was a joint effort between the U.S. and Israel. But, aside from security firm reports, their connection was mostly speculation — until today.
A lengthy New York Times report this morning confirms that Stuxnet was indeed an American and Israeli project, and it also reveals some fascinating details about the first major cyberwar effort in the world. According to the NYT, the cyberwar campaign, dubbed “Olympic Games,” began under President Bush in 2006 as a way to stall Iran’s nuclear ambitions. After virtually mapping Iran’s Natanz plant, the U.S. worked with an Israeli team to create an early variant of Stuxnet, which was programmed to target Siemens equipment and destroy centrifuges being used to purify uranium.—Read More:http://venturebeat.com/2012/06/01/stuxnet-us-israel-iran/ image:http://www.moviemail-online.co.uk/film/dvd/Comic-Icons-Will-Hay-Collection/

“Any client receiving this file would have had all traces of [Flame] removed,” the blog post stated.

Security experts from the Russian Kaspersky Lab announced Flame’s discovery on May 28, saying it is found in its highest concentration in Iranian computers. It can also be found in other Middle Eastern locations, including Israel, the West Bank, Syria and Sudan….

The virus has been active for as long as five years, as part of a sophisticated cyber warfare campaign, the experts said. It is the most complex piece of malicious software discovered to date, according to Kaspersky Lab’s senior security researcher Roel Schouwenberg. If the Lab’s analysis is correct, Flame could be the third major cyber weapon directed against Iran, after the Stuxnet virus that attacked Iran’s nuclear program in 2010, and its data-stealing cousin Duqu.( Jerusalem Post)…

—sceptical squint and indignant sniff, Will Hay specialised in the portrayal of vaguely seedy, incompetent professionals, battling to maintain a shaky dignity at all costs. A unique performer, he made arguably the funniest and most enduring British comedy films of the 1930s and early 1940s.
…“Flame can easily be described as one of the most complex threats ever discovered. It’s big and incredibly sophisticated,” said Alexander Gostev, Kaspersky Lab’s head of global research and analysis in a blog post. “It pretty much redefines the notion of cyberwar and cyberespionage.”
Kaspersky Lab, a Russian security research team, made light of the extensive virus today, saying it may have run unchecked since 2010 and continues to be developed today. Flame is a Trojan, but it’s point of entry is unknown for the time being. Once in, the virus unpacks 20 modules, each with a different tool. Types of tools include a screen capturing tool, which listens for when an “interesting” app is opened — such as an instant message box

and then takes a screen shot to record your conversation. Another turns on your computer’s microphone and records conversations happening in the room, within the mic’s audio reach.—( Venture Beat) Image:http://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/british-comic-actor-will-hay-looking-typically-bemused-in-a-news-photo/3281061?Language=en-US


In Israel, the split off and psychic polarity is seen in Netanyahu’s position with Iran and his support for a two state solution. Why is Iran evil beyond belief and the Palestinians reliable peace partners? They both spout the identical anti-Israel wash, backwash, and not overly reticent about Israel’s destruction either militarily or through the womb bomb of demographic demise abetted, seemingly by Zionist socialist secular liberal values. The religious can assert with some plausability, that Netanyahu’s disdain for the Bible has  repercussions which amend weakness to Israel, a route that compromises Israel’s struggle with Iran’s nuclear ambitions and actual achievements to date; something that may have repercussions against Jews and non-jews; the infamous Infidels and Jihad and holy wars are still in the tool box, which judging by the likes of EU foreign policy head Catherine Ashton’s role as leading the West’s dialog with Iran on Nukes and her fixations on aspects of Israel and Jews, you have to wonder about the sincerity and integrity of President Obama in reassuring the world community or whether this is an exercise in ratcheting up the ante and placing Ashton in a Lenin style role of “useful idiot,” and giving the “birthers” a whole new lease on a reincarnated issue.


—Another possibility is that the US will elect a new president who will decide to attack their reactor. Are you afraid that by then, it will be too late?
I am appalled by the question. I visit the US often and I never heard anybody there asking what affect Israel’s prime minister would have on their lives. The very question testifies to the belief that the decisions of the US influence our existence. Our existence is dependent only on G-d and our own efforts and not on the patronage of the US. That entire way of thinking proves that subconsciously, we still think that America runs our country.
As I said, regardless of who attacks, we will have to face a war with Iran. At least if we attack, it will be effective. If we strike first, we will prove that there is a price to be paid for threatening Israel. Regrettably, if we do not strike Iran, we will lose both our strategy and the legitimacy to live here as an independent sovereign state. —( Moshe Feiglin) Image:http://www.fiftiesweb.com/tv/i-love-lucy-harpo.htm


( see link at end) Feiglin: Recent warnings by President Obama to Israel against an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities are reminiscent of the period prior to the 1967 Six-Day War. Then, as now, Israel was faced with an existential threat. Then, as now, the U.S. pressured Israel not to take action.

Despite the fact that after the 1956 Sinai War Israel received a signed U.S. guarantee of intervention in the eventuality of an Egyptian obstruction of the Straits of Tiran, America ignored its commitment and threatened Israel that if it would attack Egypt, the U.S. would not stand at its side. President Lyndon Johnson lamely excused his betrayal by telling Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol that he “couldn’t find his copy” of the document.

America’s approach to Israel prior to the Six-Day War was patently negative. It imposed an arms embargo on the Middle East, while Soviet arms continued to flow freely to the Arab states. But after the successful Israeli attack – that also included the destruction of the USS Liberty in the waters off the Sinai Peninsula – the American approach to Israel completely changed. Arms and vast amounts of aid began to flow from our “great ally.” The flow of aid was downgraded only after Israel surrendered the Sinai to Egypt in the Camp David Accords. Currently, only one-sixth of the American arms sold to the Middle East are directed to Israel. The rest is sold to the Arab world, directly endangering the Jewish state….

—President Shimon Peres and head of the opposition Shaul Mofaz (Kadima) warn against a rush to attack and IDF chief Benny Gantz recently said the Iranian leadership “is composed of very rational people” who haven’t yet decided to build nuclear weapons. The former heads of the Mossad and the Shin Bet are openly opposed to a strike, which analysts agree could not fully destroy the Iranian program but could set the entire Middle East ablaze—Read More:http://www.timesofisrael.com/centrifuges-palestinians-army-service-and-cottage-cheese-an-election-primer/ image:http://www.doctormacro.com/movie%20star%20pages/Todd,%20Thelma-Annex.htm

The situation was not much different in 1948. The American government did not want to lose a market of 400 million Arabs and planned to vote against the establishment of the State of Israel. Public opinion after the Holocaust forced the U.S. to vote in favor – but only because they were convinced that the Arab armies would destroy the fledgling state in no time. For those who still hold the “great friendship with America” cliché dear, it should be noted that in those difficult pre-state days, America also imposed an arms embargo on the Middle East – in other words, on the Jews. Jewish-Americans who were caught smuggling arms to Israel were imprisoned.

There is no doubt that healthy relations with the (crumbling) American superpower are an important Israeli interest. But we must remember that those relations have always been founded on mutual interests and nothing more. If we were to evaporate in a radioactive plume, God forbid, Obama would respectfully lay a wreath at the new wing of the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Nothing more. So the American warning on an issue that is existential to Israel must not be taken into account at all.

One of the main lessons that we should have learned from the Holocaust is that when a Jew-hater who heads a country declares his intention to destroy us – he means it. As we have not yet attacked Iran after all of Ahmadinejad’s blatant threats, we have not really learned the Holocaust’s lesson.

In the Six-Day War, Israel initiated an aerial attack against its enemies that involved the entire Israeli Air Force. In the technological reality of those days, it was a mission no less complex than the proposed strike on Iran today. It demanded evasion of the Jordanian radar, total radio silence, and difficult navigation at extremely low altitudes deep inside enemy territory – all with mechanisms that can only be described as primitive relative to the weapons systems used today by Israel’s Air Force. Failure then would have left Israel with no air defenses against the attacks of all the Arab armies.

In other words, we have been in this scenario before. Israel has no choice but to attack Iran. America’s relations with us should not be part of the question of whether to attack. At most, we can ask ourselves how America will relate to us following a strike. And the answer is simple: A successful attack will improve relations, while no strike or an unsuccessful one will, God forbid, worsen them. Read More:http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/columns/moshe-feiglin/striking-iran-and-the-u-s-israel-relationship/2012/04/26/

Information security companies say they are convinced Flame was the work of a national government, inter alia because of its sophistication. Moreover, Kaspersky noted, most cyberattacks by ordinary criminals are aimed at either stealing money or, in the case of activist hackers, bringing down websites.

Shay Zalalichin, chief technology officer of the information security firm Comsec Consulting, told Haaretz that most viruses are designed to be small, to help them evade notice. Thus Flame’s size might indicate that its makers were careless. On the other hand, it seems to have been much better controlled than Stuxnet, which spread to many computers well beyond its targets. Flame, in contrast, spread to only about 1,000 targets, which helped it to evade detection.

CrySyS added that the Flame’s unusual size might even have been an advantage, because most anti-virus programs are not designed to look for a virus of that size. But now that Flame has been discovered, Zalalichin warned, the code is likely to be obtained by other countries that could never have developed anything so sophisticated on their own. Read More:http://www.arkcode.com/custom3_219.html

…WHAT IS THE IRANIAN THREAT? … Iranians are saying about their belief that the Mahdi is going to return from the dead soon, and how that fits in with their belief in the necessity of an apocalyptic war in the very near future….

…If there is any note of hope on the matrix, it is that the man named on the matrix with IN THE LATTER DAYS is NETANYAHU. According to the Stone Edition translation of the Torah, Balaam’s vision above is of the final Messianic redemption. How this relates to Netanyahu remains to be seen. However, I personally view this man as having the potential to be the greatest leader seen for thousands of years. Potential, however, does not always translate into success. When Netanyahu addressed the United Nations on September 23, 2011, he made the following remark:

In my office in Jerusalem, there’s a — there’s an ancient seal. It’s a signet ring of a Jewish official from the time of the Bible. The seal was found right next to the Western Wall, and it dates back 2,700 years, to the time of King Hezekiah. Now, there’s a name of the Jewish official inscribed on the ring in Hebrew. His name was Netanyahu. That’s my last name. My first name, Benjamin, dates back a thousand years earlier to Benjamin — Binyamin — the son of Jacob, who was also known as Israel. Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Sumeria 4,000 years ago, and there’s been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since.

King Hezekiah also had the potential to be the Messiah, but he blew his chance when he showed the Ark of the Covenant to representatives of the King of Babylon (II Kings 20:12-13). As Isaiah foretold (II Kings 20:14-17), the wealth of the Temple at the time of Hezekiah was more than enough to incite the covetousness of the King of Babylon so that he hastened to capture Jerusalem after his emissaries brought him the news of the great wealth there.

God has positioned Netanyahu in history in such manner as to put him at the epicenter of the clash of Western and Muslim civilizations. Let us pray that he lives up to the task at hand, and that he fully defeats the Iranian threat so often encoded in Torah. Read More:http://www.arkcode.com/photo4_25.html

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