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It seemed like a slam dunk for Obama to get elected. At least a hold your nose and vote for the least stinky of two sets of soiled diapers. But the polls, surprisingly seem to indicate a toss-up with perhaps Romney sneaking in a wang-dang-doodle. There are so many unusual strands heading into the Fall showdown that almost everything that seems non-inconsequential and not worthy of teasing out may hold possible clues to the various sub-texts that surround the efforts to sway the electorate. On one end, the latest build-up to have Jonathan Pollard released for spying on behalf of Israel seems to have subsided, and although Israel could dump a thousand unsavory ( to them) types back into Gaza for one Gilad Shalit, there is no bartering of human flesh possible here, and according to some the punishment fits the crime:

(see link at end)…“No spy for a friendly country in the history of the United States has ever done as much damage as Mr. Pollard did to our national security,” he said, adding, “The damage that Mr. Pollard did cost three billion dollars to fix.” Several former officials in the U.S. administration, including former CIA chief James Woolsey and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have publicly called for Pollard’s release, but de Genova disagrees and he explained why….

Lucas Cranach the Elder. Holofernes. —The development
of OWS may simply be a footnote in the history of the twenty-first century. But it is
nonetheless bringing conceptions of economic rights, subjectivity, collectivity and
political change into a new light. Moreover, it is doing so within the coordinates of the General Intellect. That this may beneficially reconfigure notions of alterity (and
authenticity!) is not too remote a possibility.
The abyss-artist, architect of alternative media, makes attempts at trying to sneak
emotionality and human stink into the stoic rational-critical arena of the liberal public
sphere. This in and of itself is admirable and worthy of approbation. Odorousness is an
equalizing agent. It contains an incipient inkling that humankind is a communal being,
that the human estate need not be fragmentized. Alterity’s rejection of oppressive
strictures contains embryonic aspirations of inclusivity.—Read More:

“I’m happy that Mr. Woolsey and Dr. Kissinger think that he should be released, but Dr. Kissinger and Mr. Woolsey know absolutely nothing about the case,” he said. “Most of the CIA directors feel that that’s the kind of thing you cannot excuse, because if you do, you encourage other Americans to do the same thing.”…

—But authenticity, in the final analysis, is chimerical. It is not a lie, necessarily, but
it is an alibi. It is quicksilver. As discussed above, it emerges in tandem with the “tragedy
of modernity.” It is a moving target, metamorphosing with capitalist modernity itself. And
it becomes ever more elusive under the coordinates of the General Intellect, where, public
commons collapsed into productive logics, the rationalizations and legitimations of the
abyss-redeemer become ever more suspect. Authenticity, in such an environment,
becomes what I have called Lokiist.
This appears to be a reiteration of yet another totalizing and cynical impasse; there
is no evasion of a system which recoups maneuvers of dissent.—Read More:

…He added, “[Pollard] was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole, which means after ten years – which was a number of years ago – he could apply for parole, and if they granted him release he would be released. He’s never done that.” De Genova noted that unless Pollard asks for parole, he will remain in prison for life, unless he is granted clemency by the President. He said, however, that the possibility that Obama would grant Pollard clemency is unlikely.

“President Obama says that no one has been more supportive of Israel than President Obama,” he said. “I think that President Obama is a really good double-talk artist. He could do himself a lot of good with the American Jewish community by pardoning or granting clemency or a commutation of sentence to Jonathan Pollard, but I don’t see that in his make-up. What I see in President Obama is an animus toward Israel.” …Read More:

—You have to be against its legitimacy as a sovereign country with a right to exist, or you are an Apartheid sympathizer. And,
The queer community has become the front line in establishing anti-Zionism as the new, global anti-Semitism.
Their loud voices belie their small numbers. They are very well organized and focusing like laser beams on the same targets, brainwashing the queer community in North America and the EU against Israel. Because, like Rose McGowan’s character, Tatum, in the first Scream movie so elegantly put it – “Well, you can only hear that ‘Richard Gere / gerbil story’ so many times before you have to start believing it.” If they succeed in poisoning the LGBT community against Israel, these groups in all likelihood will next set their sites on the progressive community.—Read More: image:

This “animus” idea of Genova has dogged Obama and his perception among Israelis since the Democratic nomination process. Fringe candidate, borderline race monger and crank Ron Paul, despite his whining did manage to connect the dots of Mitt Romney in the CFR along with Israel P.M. Netanyahu, them both having worked for Boston Consulting under the direction of Ira Magaziner, who was later Clinton’s health advisor. So you can see the carrousel turn. Life is a minestrone, and “Bibi” has been in the soup for a while. As one pundit put it, ” what are the odds that one of the two advisers of Ira Magaziner’s new company, one would become P.M. of Israel, while at the same time, the other would be running for the American presidency.” …

(see link at end)  Lawrence Solomon:But the estrangement of Jewish Democrats from Obama has nothing to do with his Muslim name and everything to do with how Jews now perceive him and his policies. This “Jewish president,” so confident of his knowledge of Jews, badly misread the Jewish community. His misreading could cost him the money he needs to win re-election….

…For starters, there’s Rabbi Arnold Wolf, a man said to have helped shape Obama’s views in the Chicago of the 1990s. Wolf is known for siding with the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was hijacking airplanes and conducting other terrorist acts, for chairing Breira, a radical anti-Israel organization that had tried to prevent the U.S. from supplying Israel with arms during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and for inviting the Chicago Seven, the radicals famed for their role in the Chicago Riots of 1968, to speak at his synagogue. Obama, who lived across the street from Wolf’s Chicago synagogue, often dropped by to discuss Israel and the Middle East

h Wolf and like-minded Jews, giving Obama an insight into radical Jewish thought….

—The cover story‘s attention-grabbing, Toni Morrison-esque characterization of Obama as “The First Jewish President” comes from a quote by Abner Mikva, a White House counsel, who during the run-up to the last presidential election was quoted as saying, “When this all is over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president.” While Heilemann thinks that prediction “has so far proved to be wildly over-optimistic,” he believes there is “more truth in it than meets the eye.”
Heilemann does make the claim though that “Obamans have never wavered in going balls-out for Israel,” using the administration‘s most recent reaction to the Palestinians’ bid for an official state recognition to back up his claims.—Read More:

…Wolf himself inspired and was inspired by Jewish radicals and revolutionaries — they included Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman, two leaders of the Chicago Seven, and the revolutionary Jews who pervaded the anti-capitalist, anti-Vietnam War movement through the Weathermen and Students for a Democratic Society. Wolf, who was one of Obama’s earliest political backers, hosted a coffee party for Obama to aid his campaign, as did other members of this set, such as Weatherman founders Bernadette Dohrn, daughter of a wealthy Jew, and her husband, Bill Ayers. A Chicago Jew who did not meet Obama but who nevertheless profoundly influenced all in his progressive circle was Saul Alinsky, the legendary community organizer, who remains the gold standard in fighting the establishment. As late as 2007, The Washington Post and The New Republic reported that Obama remained enamoured by Alinsky.

Surrounded as he was by radical Jews and their anti-capitalist, pro-Palestinian ideology, Obama could be forgiven for thinking that the Chicago crew he knew so well was representative of American Jewry as a whole, particularly since research by J Street confirmed for him that American Jews don’t support Israel’s “occupation” of Palestine, don’t support the right-wing government of Israel, and in any case don’t vote on the basis of America’s policies toward Israel. Obama’s Jewish advisors doubtless thought that offending Israel and its right-wing prime minister would play well to his Jewish base….This conduct, which shocked many Jews, began their reappraisal of Obama. While America’s Jews may not vote on the basis of Israel — just 7% do, according to polls — neither do they want to see their co-religionists and the birthplace of their religion dissed. …

…If Obama’s stance toward Israel gave many Democratic Jews pause, his railing against the rich and the 1%, culminating in the Occupy Wall Street movement, motivated many to abandon Obama. Jews may believe in the need for higher taxes on large earners, but they also see themselves as pro-business and pro-wealth creation. “Why does he always say ‘rich’ like it is a four-letter word?,” one person complained. “Why doesn’t he say ‘prosperous’ like [the wealth was earned]?” Jews, many of whom are in the 1%, both want to be proud of their accomplishments and have a visceral fear of being singled out. Occupy Wall Street, which Obama publicly endorsed, sent a chill through many Jews because of the division and hatred it unleashed.

—-The ink flag – Israel’s version of the Iwo Jima flag. This flag was put up in Eilat in 1949, signifying the end of the Independence War (1948 war). It is called the ink flag because the soldiers who conquered Eilat had no flag to put up, so they drew a makeshift flag with ink on a pace of white cloth.—Read More:

Almost from the start, the Occupy Wall Street protest — whose implicit target was the Jewish-dominated New York financial sector — featured anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli placards, a development that the Jewish press in the U.S. and abroad did not fail to note in its ongoing coverage. Stated Commentary magazine: “Occupy Wall Street’s group page on Facebook was littered with images of the title page of Henry Ford’s notorious pamphlet, The International Jew, as well as a picture featuring the phrase “Arbeit Macht Frei,” lifted from the entrance gate at Auschwitz, with the accompaniment: ‘We don’t work for bad money.’” That many of the Occupy Wall Street organizers were Jewish, and spurred on by prominent Jews such as the head of J Street and the SEIU’s Andy Stern, did nothing to allay Jewish fears — as Jews know all too well, Jews excel in many fields, including anti-Semitism.

Will Obama get his alienated Jewish backer Read More:

Lastly, was the acquittal of Ehud Olmert in what was instrinsically a show trial of a deeply flawed Prime Minister, more about protecting the purity of Leftist ideology than actual wrongdoing or political incompetence in handling the nation’s fate. It is hard to fathom that Olmert, after being convicted of a breach of public trust could could have an ear to ear smile is a bit mystifying; the country is something of a falafel state but it would be hard to imagine a Golda Meir or Shamir smiling as if on Hollywood Squares. Still, contemptible or not, the issue of Olmert goes back to his charge of fraud as co-Treasurer of the Likud party, but his colleague Menachem Atzmon took the rap and spent three years in jail. According to Barry Chamish, this same Atzmon then became management of security at the Boston and Newark airports for the company ICTS; UAL 175 and AA11 both originated in Boston and UAL93 departed from Newark. Without connecting the dots its very strange indeed. Was there some sort of screening process? …


from ( see link at end) …THE ISSUE OF RELIGION IN THE 2012 ELECTION. There is almost a humorous side to questions asked to me about Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs, but I see no humor at all in similar queries about Obama. Obama’s religion was clearly listed as Islam on his January 1, 1968 school registration form in Indonesia where he went by the same Barry Soetoro. Supposedly Obama was baptized 1988 at the Trinity Church in Chicago. But the “pastor’ there was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a man who spewed pure hatred of everything American to Obama for 20 years. He hardly represents traditional Christian beliefs. Just listen to him. Mormons may have what seem (to the rest of us) like strange beliefs, but we don’t find them as a group currently endorsing attacks on our nation the way Muslims (and Jeremiah Wright) do. That’s not to say that some Mormons were not involved in the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre. But once we determine that the man’s religious beliefs don’t equate to treason then we’re in a better position to focus on other issues. Here I’d like to see more daylight between Obama and Romney than there appears to be, which is why nobody in our family voted for him in the Florida Presidential primary. But, if nothing else, with Romney as President, when U.S. friends like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu come to visit the White House, they can count on a courteous meal offer….

When Netanyahu first visited Obama, Obama left him downstairs unfed while he went up to have dinner with Michelle. Good relations between our President and Netanyahu are critical. If Netanyahu believes the White House is Israel’s true ally, he can takes some chances for peace with Iran. But if he’s treated like dirt like he was on his first visit to Obama, then he has no reason to trust the U.S. to be there when Israel it needs it. This means that Israel will be more inclined to start a war with Iran on its own. Israel doesn’t have B-2 bombers to attack Iran, and conventional bunker busters just won’t cut it. But it does have nuclear weapons that can get the job done. A vote to re-elect Obama is potentially a vote for Israel to nuke Iran, which may well be why Obama is encoded at the same skip as Atomic Holocaust. The consequences to America of such a holocaust could be fatal, especially if even one Muslim/Pakistani bomb is used in retaliation via an EMP attack. America simply can’t afford to give Obama another four years – especially when he isn’t restrained by the need to be re-elected again. You can learn about his attitude towards unrestrained foreign policy power by listening to his open microphone remarks to Russia’s former President Medvedev. Read More:

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