decal shock of the garage

by Art Chantry:————–

here’s a photo of those garageshock water transfer decal ticket stubs i mention din my last essay about impko. each one was sold on each day of the 4-day event. you used it as a pass in and out the door and eventually put it on your winnebago as a souvenir. a real water transfer decal we had to figure out how to make on our own because the entire industry had evaporated decades earlier. we eventually made several more of these for other projects. this project need up re-launching the water transfer decal industry as a cottage business. “necessity is the mother of invention.”

…dave crider always like to keep things simple. each day of this event was held at the legendary 3B tavern in bellingham (often around seven bands, z-level horro movies all day and much drinking of brews. and the tickets (these tickets) were only $10 per day at the door – first come, first serve. so a lot of VIP self-important folks who came from all over the world to see this often couldn’t get tickets because they slept in or were lazy and got there too late. it was totally about ‘the fans.’ no pass list. dave always lost money on these events (usually around the break-even point). but, these were some of the very best rock shows i’ve ever seen. amazing events.

…jim sorenson (at mysterion screen print) was the guy who figured out how to make them. … i have some spares i could sell. won’t be cheap, but i could sell them. i even have one or two of the uncut sheets left, too. but, those are priced so high only god could buy it from me….

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