dry bones: toothbrush testers

And presto! There’s polonium. Like magic. Like a bad propaganda flick, the blood libel appears in a new form. Arthur Rimbaud would laugh at this disordering of the senses; this artificial, contrived non-event that can be ascribed to an inauthentic mining of madness that seems peculiar to our age. Jean Genet, the writer once said when he was not a genius, he was simply a bad thief; a bad thief is what Arafat was and even from beyond he’s still swindling and picking pockets.

An Arab security prisoner from the Palestinian Authority claims he was recruited by Israel’s security services to poison late PLO arch-terrorist Yassir Arafat. Lebanon’s Al-Miadin television broadcast a copy of a video tape, which they claim was made in Israel’s Ketziot prison in 2006….

—and making him the partner – the man who called for the destruction of Israel! – the partner for peace, was forced on Israel by the United States and the Vatican, primarily those two forces.
So, you have both a propaganda of Fascism, I think, because a lot of the propaganda found among Palestinians both from Hamas and the PLO is straight out of Nazi propaganda, Protocols of Zion, you know, images of Jews that could be from Der Stürmer, the German Nazi publication in the 1930s, Jews feasting on dead people and so on. This is pumped into the children in this area and it is Fascist in my opinion.
But at the same time a manipulation by very, very powerful forces who promote these people.
So it’s a very big problem Israel has, because it is dealing with enemies who are to a certain extent puppets – to a certain extent,…Read More:http://emperors-clothes.com/nekad.htm

In the tape, and Arab prisoner says Israeli intelligence recruited him to assassinate Arafat for them. The prisoner claims that video assisted one of the cooks, who managed to put the poison in the soup and rice served to Arafat.

The airing of the alleged tape comes one day after Arafat’s widow, Suha, called to exhume her husband’s remains from its grace in Ramallah for an autopsy. Her call came after al-Jazeera reported a laboratory in Switzerland had discovered high-levels of polonium-210 on clothes and a toothbrush Arafat used shortly before her died….

—In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Dr. Eli Karmon of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center’s Institute for Counter- Terrorism, said that recent claims that Arafat was poisoned with highly radioactive Polonium are not based on facts.
According to a recent report on the Qatari based news network Al Jazeera, abnormally high levels of Polonium were found on organic remains on the deceased Arab leader’s personal belongings.
The Polonium traces were analyzed by Swiss specialists after Arafat’s widow, Suha, agreed to provide Al Jazeera with a few personal items that belonged to the former Palestinian president.
However, Karmon said that it was impossible that after eight years there were still high levels of Polonium, given that Arafat was in fact poisoned with the substance.
“If it had been used to for poisoning, minimal levels should be seen now. Yet much higher levels were found. Someone planted the polonium much later,” said Karmon.
Karmon also added that if it were true that Arafat’s belonging had traces of Polonium, the places those items were kept would also retain traces of the radioactive substance.
“Did Al-Jazeera check the home of Suha Arafat in Paris and Malta where she kept the items for traces of polonium?” asked Karmon, since Al Jazeera’s report did not include those analysis.
“If Suha Arafat safeguarded these contaminated materials, why, after seven years, was she not poisoned too? She touched these things and Arafat in hospital,” he added.
Since the TV network released the report, the mystery and speculations surrounding Arafat’s death were revived once again, after suspicions of poisoning during the rais’ illness and subsequent death led the Palestinian National Authority to point a finger to Israel.
Foreign Ministry officials on Thursday derided the reports, in conversation with Xinhua.
“All of a sudden, Suha’s checking her wash basket and discovered clothes that weren’t washed for eight years,” Deputy Spokesman Paul Hirschson said, derisively.
“Suddenly, out of nowhere a couple of garments turn up; we test them, and presto! There’s Polonium,” he said.—Read More:http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/world/2012-07/06/content_15553041.htm

It has also alleged Arafat may have died of Leukemia or the AIDS virus. Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshal said he had no doubt Arafat was assassinated by the Mossad,…

But by digging him up, we are also digging up the legacy, the money trails ….MK Yariv Levin (Likud) welcomed on Wednesday the conclusions of a panel, headed by retired Supreme Court judge Edmund Levy, that there is no “occupation” and international law allows Jews to live in Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron). Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Levin, who chairs the Knesset’s House Committee, said, “All the attempts to use legal tools to fight settlements are improper from the ground up. We will receive the report and study it.”

…Part of this argument here is that legitimation of Arafat is contingent upon a foundation of historically determined, potentially contestable power structures;  meaning there is always the possibility, however small, of an uprising of lawmaking violence against the legal order.Both of settlers in defiance of International law and Arafat against broader laws of crime against persons on a global scale. To put this in the context of a kafka, those  acts of law-preserving violence, then, contains within it a defensive moment of lawmaking violence, where the legitimated regime reaffirms itself as such by positing itself as the holder of the law. In any event, as the Middle East bears witness,  Law itself, never quite emancipates itself from its original founding violence. It is continually engaging in a sort of hidden re-legitimation, using whatever pretexts are at its disposal such as the expulsion of jewish settlers from Amona, the toppling of Mubarak etc….

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(see link at end)…You may recall, the Vatican did not recognize Israel until the 1990s. When Israel defeated— having been— having ‘had it,’ as in the American expression— finally invaded Lebanon and came close to destroying the PLO, whereupon the Americans and the French rescued the PLO and took them in humiliation – it was from Tripoli, correct? – within weeks the pope, John Paul II, invited Arafat, publicly requested that Arafat meet with him. Now, the pope does not publicly beg people to meet with him, but he did publicly beg Arafat to meet with him, casting him in the role of Jesus in a Passion play— not to— again, I don’t say that to offend anyone, but— that image of the suffering man beset by evil forces. He brought him to the Vatican and made a hero out of him and sent a signal to the European states, which are mostly Catholic states, after all, that this was a man to be supported. A few years later he gave the PLO its own office in the Vatican, literally, an office in the Vatican. And – so that Arafat later thanked him publicly for all he had done – made the recognition of Israel conditional on Israel’s negotiation with the PLO as its partner. Read More:http://emperors-clothes.com/nekad.htm

As the demonic mindset of the tribe of Amalek saw a physical and a spiritual threat to the incoming hordes of fleeing Egyptian slaves into the Sinai peninsula and the deserts of Arabia, so also the demonic mindset of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his nephew Yassir Arafat saw the physical and spiritual threat of the fleeing Israelites (Jews) from the ghettos of Warsaw and the death camps of Germany and Poland.

Of all the political leaders over the last fifty years, Yassir Arafat has stood as the symbol of the pan-Arab dream to annihilate and exterminate any Jewish blood on any soil in the Middle East. Given the birth name in 1929 as Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, Yassir Arafat was born not in Jerusalem as proclaimed today, but in Cairo, Egypt to an Egyptian textile merchant. With his entry into Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Yassir co-founded the Fatah (“Palestinian National Liberation Movement”) and forever sealed his destiny and fate with the most fateful word in modern political language, “terrorist”. It can truly be said that he is the Father of modern terrorism.

This symbol of ‘The Terrorist’ did not come because of some bad event in his childhood but rather it was genetically bred within his family culture. Like Haman of old in the Persian imperial court of King Ahasuerus, who was a descendant of King Agag the Amalekite who died by the sword of Samuel the prophet because King Saul disobeyed the ‘word of the Lord’, Arafat’s family legacy was one of passionate hatred to the Jews.

The Egyptian born Arafat, member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and co-founder of the “Fatah”

Arafat’s uncle, Amin al-Husseini, became the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in 1921, eight years before Yassir Arafat was born. With passionate intent, he slaughtered Jewish settlers throughout the decade of the 1920’s, allied himself with the Nazi Party in the early 30’s and became a personal friend of Adolf Hitler with the sole intent to exterminate the Jews in Germany so he would not have to deal with them later in Israel. Yassir Arafat was not the founder of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), but the founder was his uncle, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. It was he who gave the mantle of the PLO to Arafat whom he mentored and cultivated for the presidency.

Read More:http://www.biblesearchers.com/reflections/2004/decemberglobalisrael.shtml

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