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Idol worship; its always been the bane of monotheism and the source of a persistent if seemingly losing conflict. The issue always arises, or placed at the cross-hairs, particularly this year with the movement for a moment of silence for Munich, which crosses the ideology of Zionism with Biblical sourced religious heritage that is not conducive to sporting events of this nature, scale and orientation that is clearly connected with all the contexts of idol worship recognized by Christianity and Islam as well as opposed to the multiplicity of gods and mythology within the Greek belief system which gave birth to our present Olympic games.

—There are different myths as to the reasons for the games. One particular myth is that the games originated from the son of Zeus called Heracles and as the games were in honour of Zeus we shall relate the basics of this particular myth.
Heracles is credited with naming the games “Olympic” and having them held every four years. After his twelve labours he built the stadium in honour of his father Zeus and walked 200 steps and called this distance σταδιον (stadion) Latin: stadium, “stage”.
It is very unlikely that this actually happened but the games were in honour of an idolatrous god named Zeus. Symbols such as the olive have been retained in the modern games and as these symbols are idolatrous the modern games are actually still in honour of Zeus.
How can a Christian partake in idolatrous games? Do Christians deceive themselves and imagine that the modern games have nothing to do with idolatry? They were begun in honour of an idolatrous god!—Read More:

So, the origin, in honor of the many Greek gods, by nature is a kind of heresy and our modern version maintain that thread of connection through the lighting of the Olympic torch; a torch lit from the sun’s rays in the temple on Mount Olympia.

Rubens. Feast of Venus. 1637. Image:

It has been remarked that the four year cycle of the games, in addition to the symbol of interlocking rings are also connected to idol worship; the circles taken to represent Venus, which astrologically traces a pentacle across the sky every eight years, four years being the half cycle. Astrology being clearly linked to idol worship by the like of Maimonides.  Venus is also the symbol of beauty, the body beautiful and symbol of physical, say material, perfection. A symbol of objectification and a kind of ordering system that Leni Riefenstahl engaged in.

—Not with sport. Sport in itself is a wonderful invention. The ancient Israelites were a hardy, energetic people, active in running, archery, ball-playing, dancing, swimming, weight-lifting and sling-shooting. After the Biblical period other sports became popular, ranging from gladiatorial contests to juggling. The Talmud advises fathers to teach their children to swim. Tacitus, no admirer of Jews, observed that “the bodies of the Jews are sound and healthy, and hardy to bear burdens”.
Yet the official Jewish attitude to sport was reserved, to say the least. The rabbis objected to what went with Greek and Roman athletics – immodesty (sportsmen played naked, and some tried to obliterate their circumcision), idolatry, frivolity and cruelty, including throwing people to the lions. The First Book of Maccabees gives ample evidence that the games could not be reconciled with Jewish standards of decency and morality. Josephus records that Jewish antagonism towards Herod intensified when the king established his own five-yearly games and called one of his daughters Olympia.
Today a new distinction has to be made – between sport itself, with its rhythm, gracefulness, bodily co-ordination and sheer zest, and the sporting industry, which turns sport into a commodity to be commercialised and exploited.
Robert Boyle writes in his “Sport – Mirror of of American Life” (1963, pages 3-4), “Sport permeates any number of levels of contemporary society, and it touches upon and deeply influences such disparate elements as status, race relations, business life, automotive design, clothing styles, the concept of the hero, language, and ethical values”.—Read More:—an-exercise-in-idolatry- image:Israel Olympic Committee

Although Maimonides’ recognized the necessity and benefits of exercise, there was a separation between there was a separation between fitness and the glorification of the body; his central point was  that idolatry besides a religious sin, was also a glaring rational error, one connected by the long history of false prophets, phony messiah’s, charlatans, snake-oil salesmen and other ilk one could encounter on the silk roads from Cairo to Peking, that would be evident by understanding and not revelation despite prophecies and Biblical incidents of divine presence.

–The International Olympic Committee in association with The Illuminati Occult introduced the official mascot for the 2012 Olympic games May 19 2011. As you look at the Teletubbies inspired creature, your attention is immediately drawn to the whimsical representation of the All-Seeing Eye. The eye is crowned with what appears to be the capstone of the unfinished pyramid indicating ascension complete. Within the capstone is the letter “W” which could very well represent the word “World”.
Read more:

Even if revelation had not come to pass, reasoned Maimonides, individuals would still have come to recognize the validity and truth of oneness, of monotheism since idolatry is so patently irrational, the entire spectrum of celebrity culture and industry based around the cult of personality that led the world to such inglorious examples too numerous to elaborate on. Tellingly, Maimonides also arrived at a very opposite point in that without intervention of a Divine providence and order, the monotheistic faith initially realized by Abraham, the original “a-ha!” moment would never have survived.

—Pole dancers get some new leverage as their area of expertise could soon be fetching them gold at the Olympics. From erotic to athletic, pole dancing is now staking its claim as Olympic caliber.
“It can be extremely challenging. Its Olympic level diffic

depending on what you’re looking for what style is” says dancer Becca Butcher reported
Tim Trautman, President of the International Pole Sport Federation is the one who is leading and pushing hard to make pole dancing an Olympic Sport.
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(see link at end)…I am not trying to ‘be a kill joy’ for everyone. As a Muslim we are told to stay clear of any action, or any celebration which has a deep-rooted religious/pagan foundation based on Kufr, Shirk and Blasphemy. Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas because of this simple reason. That, Christmas like other religious/pagan celebrations, birthdays for example, is based on Kufr and Shirk. Not only that, but because Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of ISA (as), prophet Jesus. Read here for more information: Uncanny similarities between Mithraism & Christianity This is the blessed month of Ramadan. No Muslim needs to be reminded how sacred this month is. We should try to avoid ourselves from watching/viewing/participating or even celebrating the Olympics this summer. Just as we avoid celebrating or watching or participating in Christian or Jewish celebrations. Read More:

—Perhaps more specifically it is the conflation of our culture’s preoccupation with the self and the prevalent notion that the Church’s worship is some type of faith based entertainment. Worship is spectacle, and we are the spectators and performers. We see this not just in the applause, but in the multiplication of “special” blessings, interventions by Father, introductions of the clergy lay ministers and guests as if they are a cast of characters, performance homilies, and show tune sounding hymns that go on and on and on. What concerns me is that the prevalence of these kinds of “liturgical gestures” has given the impression that this is what Catholic worship is in its essential form- any digression from this “norm” produces an experience of cognitive dissonance.—Read More: image:


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