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Get that Occupy Wall Street feeling. …Anyone who’s anyone is spending about $1,660( luxury package)  to sleep in a sleeping bag in midtown Manhattan. Its a perversion of the word “authenticity” which seems to be a predominant driver of consumerism in our day. This particular idea is  called “glamping,”, a hybrid of glamorous and camping that reflects a disconnect from nature while claiming to authentically partake in its many benefits. In Manhattan, the Hyatt 48 Lex is the premiere destination.

Beginning this summer, this new luxury boutique hotel in our boutique anything time,  is offering well heeled patrons the opportunity to experience Manhattan’s iconic skyline from a slightly different perspective: within it. Glamping. It’s another name for being totally disconnected from reality, and a perfect example of Thorstein Veblen’s conspicuous waste, and its relationship with status, albeit this one is clearly a “jumping the shark” moment in consumerism.

—Now here’s a novel idea the should appeal to outdoorsy Angelenos. The new boutique hotel, Hyatt 48 Lex, is offering guests the opportunity to actually sleep on the patio during summer in the city. The hotel is calling it ‘glamping” and has equipped eight terraces with custom bedding, lush pillows, extra blankets and great views of New York’s famous skyline. This really sounds perfect for Angelenos who love the outdoors—Read More:

(see link at end) …Twenty years ago, the streets around Grand Central Station were infinitely less well-heeled than now. Like Times Square, the area was inhabited by hordes of pimps, hookers and homeless people until Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York City, famously and somewhat controversially swept the city clean of rough sleepers.

So as I trot the few blocks from the station to 48th St and Lexington Avenue, the irony is not lost on me that tonight I will be ‘glamping’ – choosing to eschew the quilty comforts of a large, luxurious bed to sleep outdoors, a stone’s throw from Grand Central… albeit on a private terrace with a high-end airbed, sleeping bag, duvet and pillows, plus gourmet picnic hamper of cheese, charcuterie and wine.

This summer, the Hyatt 48 Lex, a boutique hotel that opened last autumn, is offering guests the chance to sleep under the skyline on its eight private terraces attached to rooms. ‘The idea is to create an urban adventure, like camping but in the middle of the city,’ says Deirdre Yack, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing who came up with the concept ‘when I was feeling whimsical, watching the terraces under construction. I just thought how incredible it would be to sleep out there.’…

—This vacation house, a cocoon nestled in a birch forest on the edge of a small cliff in Scotland, is visible only from the sea. Outside its dome membrane are panoramic views of the Sound of Lorne and Castle Stalker, made famous by Monty Python and the Holy Grail — views best enjoyed from the outdoor hot tub. Inside, “you feel like you’re really part of the surroundings instead of imposing on your surroundings,” says homeowner Jim Milligan. “It’s like the dome has been there forever, just like the trees.”
The homeowners open their dome to vacationers who want a taste of the “glamping” (glam camping) experience as well.
Read More:–Ecofriendly–Glamping–Dome-in-Scotland/

…Being British, my two main concerns are: what if it rains and what if it’s cold? Yack assures me that the sleeping bags are toasty warm, top-of-the-range models. ‘And while we hope for good weather, if it does rain there is still a luxurious bed inside, too,’ she adds.Read more:


the Glamping Package:Package includes a bottle of wine upon arrival (red or white, your choice), plus delicious picnic from Dean & Deluca for those who love to dine al fresco.


vas backpack comes picnic-ready with all of the accoutrements. Inside are two glasses, two plates, utensils, a bottle opener, a cooler compartment, and a host of comestibles including Creminelli Casalingo Salami, Carmody Cheese, DEAN & DELUCA Diced Fruit Blend, DEAN & DELUCA Basil & Roasted Pepper Bruschetta, Fig & Olive Raincoast Crisps, McEvoy Tuscan Table Olives and Cornichons in Vinegar.

—Which brings us, eventually, to glamping. This seems to involve staying in something called “a yurt” with lots of luxury food and always looking like you have just come off the set of some godawful 60s movie. You might think this would be right up my boulevard as it’s basically camping made civilised. But have you seen how much a yurt costs? Or a luxury food hamper? You could fly to flipping Manhattan for the amount you’d pay to (and there is no avoiding this) sleep in a field.
Kate Moss is, apparently, very fond of glamping, according to a recent story in a tawdry rag. And looking at the photos of the model walking around in Dolce & Gabbana pyjamas and Hunter wellies, this would seem true. Until one reads the story a little more closely and discovers that Kate was not, in fact, camping but rather posing for a fashion shoot; in other words, “working”. Similarly, thanks to that modern sage Fran Cutler we now know that Kate rarely actually stays at Glastonbury but rather gets a helicopter home at the end of the day. In other words, less glamping, more gl-oing home. Kate and I: we think as one.—Read More:

Extra decadent campers may wish to add-on an outdoor massage by Suite Spa in the privacy of your terrace, at a special 10% discount.

Prices start at $509 per night in a Terrace Studio or $1680 per night in the lush Penthouse Suites. Exclusive of taxes…..


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