not meant for cool people

by Art Chantry:

polka records can look so cool. they have nothing to lose. they can be incredibly dorky or amateurish, even absolutely incompetently designed. they always have a flavor of another culture in the visual style and language and look. they’re not meant for cool people. they’re meant for partying fools who love love love to polka! these are dance records for your grandparents.

AC: I just think this record cover looks so beautiful….

these things are not designed for average people like us to look at, but for people we consider to be dorks and borks. however, even dorks and borks are pretty cool, ya know. and this is a great example of what i’m talking about.

and i’ll bet you can’t listen to this thing without getting up and dancing like a fool, either, mr. hipster…

(ps – somebody wrote their name on illustration – to make sure nobody steals it. it sez: SHIMSHOCK. i rest my case.)

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