rat fink you iz

by Art Chantry:

an amazingly great clip from the ray dennis steckler (the man who invented the “monster musical”) miserable fucked-up classic film “rat pfink a boo boo'”. it was originally titled, ‘rat pink and boo boo’, but the typesetter screwed up and there was no budget to fix it. this movie starts out as a teen detective mystery and suddenly, about 1/2 through the film, the director got bored and decided to abruptly turn it into a superhero costume drama. no kidding. it’s brilliantly wrong.

—Four films into his illustrious career and Ray Dennis Steckler still couldn’t figure his shit out, which worked out for all of us. Steckler continued to make movies, and we continued to alternate between scratching our heads and laughing our asses off. Steckler makes films that would make Ed Wood proud, and I write that with all due respect. This one is a pure classic that switches gears from a thriller to a superhero camp fest (think the Batman TV show with zero budget or coherency) in .07 seconds. This is a flick that I could watch on one nutty, psychotronic loop.—Read More:http://dailygrindhouse.com/trailertrash/rat-pfink-a-boo-boo-1966/

this rockabilly dude performing here is also rather legendary. the band was ron haydock and the boppers. haddock also wrote many z-level horror films and (i seem to remember) a few pulp novels of ill-repute. he was a regular contributor to ‘famous monsters of filmland’ magazine and (of course) had his rockin’ recording career as well – which consisted mostly of soundtrack work on films like this.

it isn’t often you get two weird-oh ‘renaissance men’ dented geniuses in one package. but here it is!

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