it was just a piece of paper

Like a good neighbor? And so ends the peace process. Hey, it was only a scrap of paper ad worth about as much. This could get very ugly. In fact, the entire land for peace charade was a scandal from Day 1. The year gimel. or is that aleph? Is was always a cold peace and Egypt violated the agreement before the recent weapons movement into the northern Sinai ostensibly to clear out terrorists. Apparently 1200 tunnels into Gaza. That’s a nice little black market economy that gives employment of the dubious variety.Another of those Obama shovel ready projects?

—Instead, this massive painting, measuring sixteen by twenty-three feet, speaks to the disgust Gericault felt towards government officials. Their actions not only prompted the deaths of over one hundred frigate passengers because of bureaucratically-motivated promotions, but they also refused to take responsibility for these actions by promoting the captain of the poorly directed frigate. The powerful X-formation of this painting grips audiences initially. The prominent X, using elements of the raft and the human bodies themselves to create the shape, sits directly in the center of the page and draws the eye along its diagonal slope–forcing the audience to take in the poorly-constructed sail, the bloated dead bodies, and the desperate appeals for help by those still barely living.—Read More:

Still, people without dogmatically clinging to the flotsam of liberalism and the enlightenment and all those fine and fancy ideas that originated in the drawing rooms and salons of London and Paris that somehow skipped a few beats before plopping themselves on a sand dune….We can still cling to democracy as the alternative is too queasy to swallow. Who knows, maybe the right decison will be arrived at eventually, after everything else has been tried. The Middle East is very much like Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa and hope is floating away. Slowly.

(see link at end)…President Mohamed Morsy is studying whether to amend the Camp David Accords to ensure Egypt’s full sovereignty and control over every inch of Sinai, said Mohamed Gadallah, legal adviser to the president.

Calls for amending the peace treaty with Israel, which also governs the security presence in the Sinai Peninsula, have been on the rise since last week’s attack on a military checkpoint at the border left 16 Egyptian security officers dead.

—But Begin himself had reassured us: He visited town often, and each time he did he promised us that when he retired, he would move to Yamit and be our neighbor. We believed him, and we loved him for it.
A short time after the Camp David peace accord was signed, Begin arrived for another visit. He landed with his helicopter near the giant eucalyptus tree in the center of town, spraying sand in the eyes of the angry and hurt people who came to meet him. Begin stepped off the helicopter, dashed through the sands, and crossed the road that encircled the city. More people gathered, but Begin kept marching, past the local police, the fire station, and the post office. Just before the synagogue, he took a sharp turn, and as he was about to climb the stairs to city hall, a young girl emerged from the building, barefoot and wearing a bikini. “You took my house!” she shouted at the prime minister. “You son of a bitch.”—Read More: image:

Former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi called for the amendments Saturday. The Revolutionary Youth Union has filed a lawsuit before an administrative court demanding that the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel be amended.

Morsy has vowed several times since he took office to preserve international treaties that Egypt has signed.

Gadallah didn’t give more details on the issue while speaking to Al-Masry Al-Youm Monday. He added that Morsy would soon order the release of another batch of military detainees.

On Thursday, the Personal Freedom Protection Committee, formed by Morsy to review cases of civilians held in military prisons since the 25 January revolution, completed its second report. It submitted suggestions for amnesty or reduction of sentences for those tried by military courts to the president….

—Tom is making a fairly uncomplicated point, as he generally is: Israel’s senior leadership should try to take the peace process more seriously and strike a deal with the Palestinians, because a more representative Egyptian government will not be particularly sympathetic to an intransigent Israeli government that is not treating the Palestinian people very well. But he cannot make a simple point. His points must always be surrounded by complete nonsense.
For example: “Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu of Israel is in danger of becoming the Mubarak of the peace process.” I guess Tom mea

hat Netanyahu is “in charge” of the peace process, and he should’ve negotiated when he had the most leverage, instead of waiting until things get out of hand, like Mubarak apparently has, but I’m not sure that someone can be the dictator of a “process.”—Read More: image: Alain Keler/Sygma/Corbis

Based on the committee’s first report, on 19 July, Morsy ordered the release of 572 detainees, drawing criticism for including certain extremist Islamists in his pardon. Read More:


Former MK Geula Cohen, who retired from the Likud following the agreement with Egypt, revealed that Begin expressed regret about the move to her and Minister Neeman. She said that his seclusion followed the uprooting of the Yamit region. Geula Cohen called on the settlers in Judea and Samaria to fight hard, and not leave.

Rabbi Israel Ariel, who was rabbi of Yamit, revealed that Gen. Chaim Erez, who was responsible for the expulsion, said, after the rabbi admonished him as how he, as a Holocaust survivor, can evict Jews: “I am ashamed of the work imposed on me. During the day I expel residents, and at night, at the Command, I make plans to re-occupy Sinai.” Rabbi Ariel added that today we see that it is about to become a reality.

Avi Farchan, a close associate of Ariel Sharon, and founder of Yamit, who also later deported from Eli Sinai that he established at the northern Gaza Strip, said that Egypt is preparing its army for a blood soaked war with Israel for thirty years, and that only by agreement with Israel it now has the ability to fight with a well equipped army. Farchan called on the people of Yehuda and Shomron not to repeat the mistake of Yamit and Gush Katif, and prepare accordingly. …The book chronicles the struggle in the Sinai and the dangers of the Camp David agreements.
The panel was opened by the museum′s director, Shlomo Wasserteil, who said that the museum will mark the 28th of Nissan as Yamit Day and the uprooting Sinai Region annually with hope that, with G-d′s help we shall yet return.
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