canvas: yangste paddling

Pretty impressive packaging and presentation for economy canvas. Its the ying and yang of art supplies.And the quality is decent. We sometimes get the rude remark that the canvases are not domestically made and its a fair call; however often the local product uses imported frames and does the assembly here. And again, we are talking art supplies here and not heavy industry or basic foodstuffs to nourish the population. My only hesitation on the Winsor & Newton twin packs is that the “tooth”, the grain of the canvas could be smoother to accommodate the decorative artists switching over from wood.

—sizes go from 8×10 to 18×24—check web shop for more details…..image:

At Madame Pickwick a twin-pack 14×18 is only $6.95 and a 9×12 is $3.95. If there is ever a trade war with China with heavy tariffs on imports we are up the Yangste River , without a paddle and forced to listen to Mao Zedong wax on his poetry. aaaghh.

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