its not over till’ its over

Is it one of those choices, those meaningful, painful gut wrenching decisions: is it Coke of Pepsi? Is it Burger King of MacDonalds? Is this campaign all about the narcissism of small differences? Of course the election matters. But then does it really, or is this entire costly process part of what Thorstein Veblen would term “conspicuous waste” and it doesn’t really matter. But then Veblen didn’t have much use for democracy  and to some extent we can ask ourselves if a President can really change anything, being that the bureaucratic apparatus is where the real power lies and it is too big and entrenched to change course and begin anew. Image below from The Fond du Lac Underclass…

At the DNC the disappointment was palpable…the Obama rhetoric within earshot: “I hear ya!”

…During the first Occupy Obama action yesterday occupiers delivered twelve caskets to Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection headquarters. The caskets represented those killed in Obama’s drone attacks and the death of “hope and change”….The basic argument of discouragement is what is the point? Both candidates mirror one another, carbon copy policies with regard to  foreign policy,targeted assassinations, drone warfare, financial system bailouts and subsidies, corporatism, and the expansion of our fossil fuel energy footprint…

—Has President Barack Obama turned into a wizard without telling any of us? Not really, but it kind of looks like he has in the first photo of this slideshow that, surprisingly, wasn’t Photoshopped. Associated Press photographer Carolyn Kaster snapped the original picture of Obama looking like he’s holding the sun as he was speaking during a campaign event at Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Monday. Of course, a photo like this is meme fodder, and redditors have already posted a photo of Obama in space, as well as the president having “an Avengers moment.” On Meme Generator, “Wizard Obama” is taking off (expect Harry Potter references).—read More:

Yes its something, the Obama internet meme machine;  Obama and his campaign committee can float these cutesy internet meme jokes, but beyond the humor can all the innocent civilians, men, women and children that the Obama machine has droned to their deaths, be somehow droned back into living form? …..

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