leroy: hacking a path to the bank

by Art Chantry:

here is another (very recently printed) example of a “fake leroy nieman”. this is a cheap-o little ‘gift bag’ thing made by “gift box corp of america”. i found it at the goodwill for 10ยข (original price tag $3.50). it’s a painfully obvious copycat of a leroy nieman style sports image – but executed by a hack ‘talent’ several levels below even nieman’s skill level. just the same, this hack can actually draw ‘better’ that nieman could (from all appearances). so, which is better? the hack of the hack or the hack’s hackwork? you decide…

—nieman, i suspect, was a better cartoonist that painter. he had on e gimmick that he used to death. his actually drawing and his portraits (especially) were weak. he couldn’t ‘sculpt’ is images at all.—AC

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