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I’m okay. You’re not okay. At all. This idea of moral relativism is the most twisted and perverted ideal going; any stink-job piece of crap, including murder but starting at the bottom-feeding level of character assassination is permitted in the name of “resistance”. The resistor, the rebel, and the alleged high moral ground and natural sense of superiority it confers, permitting the condoning of what ostensibly is behavior of the path of least resistance. As the Quebec provincial election grinds to its conclusion….

On the Facebook page of Mariette Fugere, common law wife of Serge Cardin who is running against the Premier in Sherbrooke electoral county. Cardin, after getting torched off the electoral map in the Federal election as a Bloc Quebecois candidate to a 21 year old student, is trying to recycle himself into employment at the provincial level. Fugere’s comment above Jean Charest getting his head lopped off is “my desire that I wish for,” …Image:

Whatever Jean Charest’s faults, in particular a tired neo-Liberal economic model and where there’s smoke there’s fire persistent indications of less than appropriate public spending, he is a Quebecer, and in his vision, according to his principles, has served Quebec well and fought for more powers and concessions from Ottawa, much like all Premiers have done. The problem is Quebec’s “Quiet Revolution” is now fifty years old and the foundation has a lot of structural faults. Quebecers don’t necessarily like deficits, but they love the entitlements, except there are not enough trickling down to the bottom quintiles of society….

—Liberal Premier Jean Charest dead and half-naked and Mr. Khadir standing over him, musket in hand, is perfectly fine — rather hilarious, in fact.
Mr. Khadir acknowledged that the image, an adaptation of Eugène Delacroix’s 1830 painting Liberty Leading the People, has been on display in his home for nearly two years. Conceived by the anti-police, anarchist — and until Tuesday, deservedly unknown — musical group Mise en demeure, the poster is a “very funny” parody, Mr. Khadir told reporters in Quebec City.—Read More:

Charest can be hacked to pieces for his “Plan Nord” on natural resource extraction in northern hinterlands; but really, the demagogues like Bernard Drainville can bleat all year long, regurgitating forty year old speeches about the province not transforming its wealth and precariously being in the Russian mold of importing technology and exporting trees,gold, iron etc. But. Much of the taxpayer wealth is in the pay stubs of government unionized employees, who express, articulate the sentiment that they are the most nationalistic and patriotic of citizens, but when it comes to taking some of that rhetoric and translating it into developing the country and out of their wallets this is another issue altogether. That general idea of investing, sacrificing something to build a country is generally perceived to mean a chalet, a new car, a snowmobile…


(see link at end)…The image shows a prone figure resembling Charest lying under the blade of a guillotine as a ballot-shaped blade is dropped on his neck.

The words “end of the regime” highlight the drawing which is done in red and black….

—MONTREAL — Ultra-left wing politician Amir Khadir is on the defensive over a picture on his kitchen table that shows him holding a gun and standing over Premier Jean Charest’s dead body.
The separatist Quebec Solidaire Leader and his wife both defended the image, currently being used as evidence against their daughter as she fights accusations of masterminding student violence.
The image is a doctored version of an 1830 painting by French artist Eugene Delacroix depicting the French Revolution of that year.
Khadir’s face is superimposed on the body of a revolutionary holding a musket. Charest’s face appears on the body of one of several dead men lying at Khadir’s feet.
Police snapped photos of the doctored painting last week as they raided Khadir’s home and arrested his daughter, Yalda Machouf Khadir, 19.
She spent five days in jail before a judge released her on $12,000 bail Tuesday.
Met by reporters at the Montreal courthouse, the defendant’s mother dismissed the picture as a satirical work by a local band.
“It’s (an) album cover,” said Nima Machouf, adding, “go check it on the Internet, it will make you laugh,

Read More:

“This is my hope,” Fugère wrote in a post accompanying the cartoon, which originated with someone else.

Sebastien Aubé, the campaign manager for Cardin, says Fugère found the cartoon “amusing” when she glanced at it on her Facebook feed but deleted it moments later when it struck her as odd.

“She explained things and offered her apologies to anyone who found the cartoon offensive,” Aubé said.

Madonna. Is she using Kabbalah to sway voters in the Quebec election? She performed on the Plains of Abraham on September 1….Image:

Jean Perreault, the head of Charest’s campaign and a former Sherbrooke mayor, criticized the circulation of “this drawing in very bad taste.”

He said it deserved to be “firmly and unequivocally denounced.”

Perreault said “it showed a lack of judgment” on the part of a public figure and demanded a public apology.

It’s not the first time Charest has been shown in a deadly situation….

In June, Québec solidaire co-spokesman Amir Khadir came under fire after police found a parody leaflet in his home showing Charest dead at his feet. Police were in his home to arrest his daughter in connection with some alleged illegal acts during student protests….Read More:

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