shaky illusions of stability

Reality t.v. The ideological image of the wandering jew is a powerful one; this arbitrary condemnation to find redemption in death and symbolic target that encapsulates inconsistent fantastical elements that are part of the Western enlightenment narrative. Commercials where salvation is death and redemption a bitter engagement with history show that the jump of serial and apparently filmed murdering in France this week become seamlessly juxtaposed with beer publicity showing a women kiss a frog who becomes a prince only to be kissed and transformed into a beer can. The individual as subjective commodity within a context where all of our collective historical traumas become displaced to maintain rather shaky illusions of stability. The gunman, Mohamed Merah was crystallizing his own fetishes into a wider narrative of ethnic identity bu using the jews in a “memory conditions action” dynamic to attack the West. …

The murderer who gunned down a rabbi and three Jewish children may have filmed the murders. French police suspect he is a neo-Nazi. French Interior Minister Claude Gueant revealed that the gunman was “wearing an apparatus around his neck” that might have been used to film the brutal murders with the possibility of posting them online. “We can imagine” the attacker recorded the killings, he said.

—So it was precisely when the specific figure of the Jew disappeared that the ABSOLUTE Jew emerged, and this transformation conditioned the shift of anti-Semitism from theology to race: their damnation was their race, they were not guilty for what they did (exploit the Christians, murder their children, rape their women, or, ultimately, betray and murder Christ), but for what they WERE – is it necessary to add that this shift laid the foundations for the holocaust, for the physical annihilation of the Jews as the only appropriate final solution of their “problem”? Insofar as Jews were identified by a series of their properties, the goal was to convert them, to turn them into Christians; but from the moment that Jewishness concerns their very being, only annihilation can solve the “Jewish question.”—Read More: image:

…”The killer had a camera strapped to his chest (during the school attack) that would allow him to film and view the footage on a computer,” confirmed Claude Gueant, France’s Interior Minister, on Tuesday. “The camera is a clue. It adds to the psychological profile we’re establishing for the killer.” It was thought to be the same kind of camera that Breivik recommended in a rambling racist manifesto published ahead of his massacre. Read More:

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