skull and no bones about it

by Art Chantry:

this is a cover for a paranoid little book about the super secret fraternity associated with YALE university called “the order of skull & bones.” that jolly roger (with the mystical secret number ’322′ under it) in the middle is the actual ‘logo’ of the organization. it’s so secretive that it’s creepy. it concentrates on the power elite for membership. it’s at the center of so many conspiracy theories that it would take all day to just list them here. for an example, let’s just say that many people believe it’s an arm of the illuminati, ok? it’s so important in creepy-crawly history that many aso believe it actually CONTROLS the CIA. these guys make the masons look like pikers.

— i’ve heard that “babs bush” story so many times, but i have no idea where people are reading it? do you have a link? i’d love to read that story about babs being the actual moonchild that crowley/parsons/hubbard created (was that with cameron as the goddess/vehicle?) sounds fascinating…

their club building on yale campus is appropriately called “the tombs”. it literally looks like a mausoleum. it has no windows and is a notoriously stark presence. the interior of the tombs is completely hidden and top secret. outsiders are not admitted. nothing can be revealed. some of the secrets supposedly contained inside the tombs are the actual (stolen) skulls of martin van buren, pancho villa and geronimo. but nobody knows for sure, because no one is allowed to talk about it at all. even the name “skull & bones’ can’t be repeated in public.

over the years, it’s boasted more presidents than any other group. for instance, one of it’s founding members was prescott bush, the grandfather of george h. w. bush and the great grandfather of geroge w. bush – both of whom were also old skull & bones members in good standing. the 2004 presidential election boasts the peculiar claim that it’s the first presidential contest between two “bonesmen” – george w. bush and john kerry. indeed, while harvard has become the hotbed of liberal thinking in american academia, yale (and expecially ‘skull & bones”) seems to have become the dopelganger/evil twin birthplace of the movement known as american conservativism. it’s yale v. harvard to the bitter end.

membership has included (that we actualy know about) : william f. buckley, lewis lapham, tex mccary, averill harriman, henry luce, mcgeorge bunny, inslee clark jr., william howrad taft, supreme court justice potter stewart, james jesus engleton (of the CIA), henry stimson, robert lovett, stephen schwarzman (founder of blackstone), austan goolsbee, harold stanley (of morgan stanley), fred smith (of fedex). tip of an iceberg.

most membership is still secret. this stuff only gets out by hook and by crook. some un-named individual sneaked out some old old membership info (from the turn of the century) that opened a tiny door into the world of skull & bones to the conspiratorial writer antony sutton. the result was this book i show you the cover here. he sat on the info for decades before publishing it because of fears for the leaker’s life. so, the stuff in this book is 100 years out of date by the time it saw daylight. it’s amazingly complicated and paranoid. but, it’s also a fascinating peek behind the curtain of one of the most powerful fraternities in american (and maybe world) history. the term “new world order’ begins as a slogan of the bonesmen.

rather than go into all the bizarre stories and legends and myths connected to this shadowy group, i’m fascinated by the dark graphic language they use (cool graphics!) and (especially) the lengths gone to in protecting information from the public. one of the funniest, but most available quirks is this phenomenon: if the term “skull & bones’ get mentioned in a room, any member is required to immediately leave that room (to protect secrecy and honor.) this is so strange that i really didn’t believe it.

an old friend in the seattle music bohmenian artist scene back inthe 1990′s was the first person to tell me about skull & bones and their weird practice of ‘leaving the room’. my friend also told me that the head of a local arts organization in seattle that spent so much time begging freebies from everybody (especially other starving artists) surrounding his organization (because we were all starving artists and it’s all for a the cause of our own community, etc.) was, in reality, a filthy rich heir to an old school east coast fortune. the whole idea that he begged everybody to work for him for free was an affectation of a ‘slumming’ credibility effort he adopted to hide his real identity form his starving friends. the guy was sort of sneaky and (frankly) lying to everybody. he was also a bonesman. that’s when i heard the story of skull & bones.

of course, i thought my friend was crazy and fulla crap. but, we were at a party soon afterward and we noticed that fellow in question (the fraud) was there, too. so my friend looked at me and smiled, then shouted at the top of their lungs “SKULL & BONES!!!” o

the top of the crowd.

then the funniest thing happened. that guy in question, the guy who was supposed to be a filthy rich faker trying to (what?!) BUY indie cred in our precious little grassroots music scene, suddenly and abruptly looked around and nervously LEFT THE ROOM!!! it was HILARIOUS! they’re little secret code/rule actually acted as an easy way to OUT their protected secret! so funny!

but, even funnier was this little peculiar moment – three other people at that party ALSO got up and LEFT THE ROOM at the same time!! it was like a little skull & bones parade! it seemed to go completely unnoticed except by us. go figger.

to paraphrase satchel paige (via kurt cobain) – “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” LOL.

AC:in case any of you were wondering what i was blathering on about up back there with crowley and bush, etc. read this scandalous bloodspot – it seems to outline the story pretty well. i thought rocket scientist jack parsons, his scarlett witch cameron and scientology funder were involved. but, no. they were preparing their own moonchild experiments back when they were the southern calilfornia branch of crowley’s OTO back int he 30′s/40′s. this stuff is so crazy. i love it….

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  1. B. M. Roberts says:

    Prescott Bush was G.H.W. Bush’s FATHER, not grandfather, ergo George and Jeb’s grandfather.

    I am no apologist for the S&B organization nor the Bush legacy. However, such glaring errors make this post questionable at best. Add the everpresent typos in every post here (and I do mean EVERY post), and the usefulness of the topics presented diminishes dramatically. The blog fails to edify because it fails to review and edit. Pity, that.

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