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It keeps coming back to “is there a lesson of Munich?” With the Obama administration’s apparent appeasement of terror supporting states which has been perceived to prove the contempt of this administration’s antagonism towards Israel and a certain ideology around it that is not necessarily directed at Zionism, but rather pieces, components of it as a kind of narcissisistic style of punishment, feigning blandishing praise and cowing to path of least resistance; even lying about the reason why their government officials get murdered, sacrificed like roasted chickens in a KFC that get gobbled and crapped out while the structure gets torched. Within a certain context, its been a smashing success, except once you start to feed the flames, there never seems to be enough logs to keep it going. As Obama seems in cruise control, practicing his victory lap already, who knows what surprises he has in store for the public…..

—Recently, a high-level conference on the Victims of Terrorism was held in Madrid. The sponsoring organization, the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) is the brainchild of the Obama administration and one of its “signature initiatives” on counterterrorism. Its purported purpose is to increase global cooperation in fighting terrorism worldwide. Yet, despite Israel’s interest in joining the alliance, the GCTF, under the leadership of the Obama administration, has excluded Israel from all participation.
…However, the forum is applying none of this to Israel, America’s closest friend and ally in the fight against terrorism.
Israel fought hard to become involved with the GCTF. Nevertheless, it was precluded from joining as a founding member, and it has been denied the opportunity to attend or participate in any of its three conferences held thus far. Obama administration officials even have omitted Israel from mention during conference speeches when listing countries affected by terrorism. It’s as though Israel is nonexistent.
Read more: WEISS: Obama excludes Israel from counterterrorism group – Washington Times
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True, what may assert itself as the wisdom of sad experience may be nothing more than one group clubbing another. After all, nothing could be more naive than the notion that a fixed record of the past exists. History is infinitely plastic, a panorama of dimly seen events onto which each age projects its own anxieties and concerns. And in this age of hyper-fast digital media, there is to contend with, the repeated phenomenon of instant “revisionism” where we incessantly reinterpret the actions and motives of the major players.

In the Biblical sense, there is the “mixed multitude”, or the Erev Rav of Hebrew lore. Converts who came out of Egypt with Moses after they placed their bets on what was turning out to be the winning side, and were converted in a quickie ceremony; the theory being these people, not from the skilled tradesmen backgrounds of the Israelites, but the ruling class, were responsible for many of the problems in the desert, the sin of the golden calf, the loss of the tribe of Shimon through marriage to them,….

Call it a video reprise of the Obama Apology Tour: “The American Embassy in Islamabad, in a bid to tamp down public rage over the anti-Islam film produced in the U.S., is spending $70,000 to air an ad on Pakistani television that features President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton denouncing the video,” the Associated Press reports.
The 30-second spot was released yesterday and is running “on seven Pakistani networks.” It’s also getting some free airtime here in the U.S.; yesterday Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” ran it before an interview with Sarah Palin (who was, not unpredictably, critical).—-Read More:

….So, in every generation this Erev Rav, the mixed multitude is said to reincarnate. Far fetched to be sure, but worthy to keep in mind within this context of appeasement and backsliding that seems to infect the body politic…It may just be too easy to invoke the great historical parable of the appeasers and the aggressors. To recycle the certain lesson of the 1930′s- that the appetite of the aggressor is always insatiable and to stand against the aggressor early is to avoid a later and vaster grief. This was the rationale for Vietnam, or part of it, and perhaps even a partial explanation for the Iraq region, that, at some future time, these states would threaten the political and physical security of America- just as in 1938 Hitler seemed merely to threaten Czechoslovakia but really threatened the freedom of Britain and France.

Its hard to know what to make of his argument- because it cannot plausibly be made in literal terms.After all, in the prewar world that Hitler menaced there were plenty of dictators of the non-benevolent variety; and he and Mussolini were not the only fascists, let alone the only aggressors. These petty fascist types like King Carol and Admiral Horthy all threatened, in the general sense, the survival of democracy; although they did not threaten the physical or spiritual existence of the Allies.


(see link at end)…Eight House committee leaders have written to Obama administration officials asking about reports the administration is considering an Egyptian request to release blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman from prison.

“If these repo

are true, such considerations would be extremely disconcerting as release of this convicted terrorist should not happen for any reason,” the letter from U.S. Reps. Lamar Smith, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., Mike Rogers, R-Mich., Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., Peter King, R-N.Y., Hal Rogers, R-Ky. , Frank Wolf, R-Va., and Kay Granger, R-Tex., said. Each chairs a significant House committee.

The query was prompted by a story published Monday by The Blaze and discussed by talk show host Glenn Beck. A Blaze staffer said an unnamed Obama administration told him Abdel-Rahman’s release was being “actively considered.”

Abdel-Rahman is serving a life sentence for plotting a series of bombing attacks on New York tunnels and landmarks. And he is considered the spiritual influence behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed six people. His imprisonment has become an obsession for some in Egypt, with new President Mohamed Morsi promising to lobby Washington for Abdel Rahman’s release when he meets U.S. officials. Read More:

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