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To some, Sheikh Scapa is another terrorist, to others he is a martyr engaged in a holy act, pleasurable to Allah in taking out the enemy. Resistance, violent and deadly resistance being morally acceptable given the nature of Israel’s occupation since the 1967 war. But for Scapa, does being a prisoner, a political prisoner raise his status to the level of being above the fray, above critique? Who knows. Could this rabble-rouser be placed in prison to spy on the other prisoners? He looks a bit psycho. And there are techniques to get these credible archetypes to undergo Damascus Road style conversions. Possible.

(see link at end)….The Nazareth Magistrate’s Court has sentenced Sheikh Nazem Abu Salim Scapa to three years in prison and 18 months probation for incitement to violence and terror and supporting terror organizations.

The court said Scapa’s Friday sermons at the Shihab al-Din mosque in the city inspired two terror cells to attack Jews and Christians. One of the gangs has also been charged with murdering cab driver Efim Weinstein in 2009. Read More:,7340,L-4279965,00.html

Steven Plaut: A Palestinian terrorist murderer in Israeli prison can earn up to
12 thousand shekels a month tax free. That is the monthly income
jailed terrorists receive from the “Palestinian Authority,” which is
to say it is paid for by the US, the EU, the UN and the other funders
of Palestinian terrorism. Israel’s Channel Two TV news ran an expose
of the payments this past week. Some of the payments were just raised
by 300% by the “moderates” in the Palestinian Authority. Recipients
included convicted mass murderers. 12 thousand shekels is about the
same as the take-home pay of an Israeli professor. Families of
terrorists killed while attempting to murder Israelis also get
stipends from the same moderates.
The stipends are on a sliding scale. Small time terrorists who sit as
guests in prison for only short stays get only 1400 to 2000 shekels.
The top recipients get the 12 grand bonanza. Terrorists whose home is
East Jerusalem get a bonus because of the higher cost of living (and
murdering) in Jerusalem.
Now I just know what your very first thought is while reading this and
I had exactly the same thought. It is this: why the hell are all
these payments tax free?—Read More:

Scapa, 47, has served as the imam of the Shihab al-Din mosque for the past 15 years, but he delivered sermons in other mosques as well – including the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City. He was arrested in November 2010.

—Saudi Arabia beheaded two nationals in the southwestern city of Jizan on Tuesday after they were convicted of armed robbery, the interior ministry announced.
“Mohammed bin Ahmed Kharmi and Musa bin Mohsen Kharmi lured a man and opened fire on him,” the ministry said in a statement published by SPA state news agency, adding the victim, whose identity was not disclosed, was wounded.
The pair “stole the money he was carrying which belonged to the company he works for,” said SPA. They were sentenced to death “due to the danger of their crime.”
In a separate statement, the ministry said a Palestinian identified as Wael Anbar was beheaded in the Red Sea city of Jeddah for stabbing to death a Yemeni, Naser Haqqash.
The beheadings bring to 56 the number of people executed in Saudi Arabia so far this year, according to an AFP tally based on official reports.
Amnesty International puts the number of people executed in the Gulf country last year at 79.—Read More: image:


(see link at end)…In April, Judge Young-Gefer mentioned that one of Scapa’s sermons called for “violent acts of vengeance (beheadings) against those who have dishonored the prophet (Muhammad). This was no abstract call to annihilate the heretics, but a direct call for violence against anyone who dishonors the prophet and Muslims.”

The judge said the imam’s publications encouraged the “highest and most dangerous level” of violence. Scapa urged his followers to “slaughter and fight,” according to Young-Gefer. “His statements constituted a clear call to commit murder.” Read More:,7340,L-4279965,00.html

And in the Einstein Lifetime achievement award department how does one explain away Salafite violence in Egypt over an American film, other than its a boys night out on a hot late summer evening. There are way more significant events: the ballot box “democracy” movement is to some degree a black box, a metaphor for the IMF, World Bank to really swaddle the country into passivity. The Muslim Brotherhood is another liberal bourgeois party after all; the foreign investment is starting to flow in, the yield curve is falling on Egyptian debt, and both China and the U.S

concert see Egypt as a cheap labor hinterland. For U.S. economic policy, its another market in which to export its quantitative easing inflation, tossed into the flow of marginal increases in living standards and moderate expectations. Morsi as good cop: a kinder, gentler Mubarak? ….

(see link at end)…The aid to the PA comes amid fears by Israeli military and government leaders that the social protests in the PA will lead to anarchy.

Reports on Tuesday said that senior security officials urgently told Netanyahu that funds should be transferred immediately to PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to prevent a collapse of the government.

Violent protests have spread throughout Arab areas in Judea and Samaria, and demonstrators have demanded Fayyad’s resignation.

PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad announced last Thursday he is willing to resign if that is the “will of the people,” but, as usual, blamed Israel for the Palestinian Authority’s financial troubles. Western mainstream media have long touted Fayyad as an economic wonder worker, but that has not panned out for the man in the street and the PA is bankrupt, owes the Israel Electric Company 700 million shekels. Read More:

—The government, in a statement, said its weekly cabinet meeting chaired by Fayyad focused on “the rise in world prices and its effects on the local market and living conditions, as well as the means to deal … with such conditions.”
The ministers instructed “the ministerial economic committee to conduct necessary meetings within the coming two days to examine all possible options and measures needed due to the price rises.”
Several ministers say the Palestinian Authority is going through its “worst financial crisis” since it was created in 1994 due to continued Israeli restrictions and declining international aid, especially from Arab countries.—Read More:

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