easel does it: the easel weasels

There is much babbling in the alt-politic community about the “buy local” phenomenon; a return to the roots and away, ostensibly, from the creative destruction of capitalism and a time travel voyage to more idyllic conditions, a kind of American Belle Epoque around Walden Pond or Brook Farm. We just put on sale some easels from Winsor & Newton that are made in China. Very nice quality construction that we normally don’t carry, but can sell if we pick them up on discount for holiday selling.

Just in. $130.Winsor & Newton Shannon. Such a deal. Free ship in Quebec and Ontario.

There are people, and were “crafts-people” who made them in Quebec, but buy local is not the kind of voluntary simplicity one would expect. In fact, its pretty complicated. They never arrive on time; always some unforseen reason like the maker’s mother-in-law’s dog died. Suddenly. And before the arrangements were completed it was another week delay or; the maker complained that he is now 50 years old! And one cannot expect him to make too many easels in too short a time for someone getting on in years! Also, these imported easels are stained and have an overall superior quality.

Mersey Easel. $100. Your standard A-Frame decent quality easel.

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