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This is a re-pack theme article, worthy of the Wailing Wall beseech-me and lamentation category of hand-wringing and naval gazing that is a regular feature of the Israel press. A staple of subtle invidious comparison and its presentation as a new sociological phenomenon. Which is not true. American Jews have never gotten too excited about Israel, as it tends to be an impediment to their own social mobility and for many, the larger effort at assimilation and worming their way into the woodwork of Americana, which has been the natural impetus since Day 1 of the New World project.

If we go back, Mark Twain remarked on this propensity of Jews and the larger society, a mixed bag, to adhere to that ideal  and cultural characteristic of reinventing oneself, something De Toqueville also elaborated on.Its been a constant in American life, an escape from the ping and intensity, a fleeing of history.Face it, if Jews were barred from America during WWII, Jews had a hand in it, and much of the locus for that sensibility was to protect their own status. ….

(see link at end)…A new American Jewish Committee poll conducted in September found that Israel came in a distant fourth among issues that registered Jewish voters listed as “most important” to them, with 61.5% listing the economy, 16.1% listing health care, 4.7% listing abortion, and 4.5% listing US-Israel relations.

Just 1.3% named Iran’s nuclear program as most important….

—Landon, Charles-Paul 1760-1826. “Daedalus and Icarus”, 1799. (Daedalus makes artificial wings for himself and his son Icarus in order to flee from Minos’ imprisonment;-Ovid, Met. 8, 183 f.) Oil on wood, 54 x 44cm.—Image:

It is shocking that for Jews in the US the right to an abortion, which is a 40 year old federally protected right ingrained in American society, is a more important issue than the Jewish state and the real existential threat Israel is facing from Iran and Muslim extremists.

While many Jews in Israel and the US still believe in the commitment of US Jewry to Israel, liberal Jews have already chosen Obama, the Democratic Party and their American identity over their Jewish identity. They have already chosen their economic comfort, upscale social life, and liberal agenda over the Jewish state.

Now it is understandable why the Democratic Party platform deleted the “Jerusalem as capital of Israel” statement and other reassurances made to Israel from previous presidents regarding the Palestinian refugees, Hamas, and borders.

—BRUEGEL, Pieter
Landscape with the Fall of Icarus
c. 1558
Oil on canvas, mounted on wood
73.5 x 112 cm
Musees royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels —Read More:

Now it is clear why President Obama did not find the time to meet Netanyahu during his visit to the US for the UN General Assembly Meeting in September despite Israeli requests to discuss the Iranian threat, but instead found the time to meet Beyoncé, Jay Z, David Letterman and the women on The View. In an attempt to patronize those few gullible Jews left who still care, the White House took a picture of Obama talking to Netanyahu on the phone.

It seems that Obama and his advisors read the same polls knowing that he will not pay any political price

mistreating Netanyahu or Jerusalem. The same AJC poll found that 65% of Jews nationwide plan to vote for US President Barack Obama versus 24% for Mitt Romney, with another 10 percent undecided. According to the AJC’s national survey, Reform Jews favored Obama over Romney 68% to 23% while similarly Conservative Jews favored Obama 64% to 23%. Orthodox Jews, by contrast, favored Romney 54% to 40%….

…During the Holocaust, the US Jewry and its leaders and organizations were silent and did not pressure the FDR administration to enter the war earlier and rescue millions of Jews. In World War II, the Jews claimed as their excuse an ignorance of the magnitude of the genocide and lack of political influence.

However, now the liberal Jews have no excuse except their apathy and ….Read More:,7340,L-4293150,00.html

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