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Save up to $537.59 off List…That caught attention. It is cheaper, considerably to make your own mounted canvas, but rolling your own as it were, is not that inexpensive. Especially when you have to work with stretching and pliers and nails. What we have seen is the purchase of rolls to use in mixed media techniques; to cut pieces and paste them onto masonite and wood, or onto fabric. That way, a little goes along way.Legalize it! ….

—This range benefits from having a heavy weight superior cloth of medium grain surface that has been triple coated with two coats of highly pigmented primer and one coat of acid free sizing – all formulated by Winsor & Newton.
Artists’ Canvas also offers balanced absorbency and tooth, essential for preventing the sinking of oil colour. This also means that the canvas has improved adhesion.
Each roll of canvas cloth can be cut to individual requirements and is packaged in a re-usable bag for added protection during storage.—Read More:’-quality-cotton-canvas-rolls/

Winsor & Newton seems to have the best quality/price ratio available. And it a lot easier to sell a semi-precut roll of 3 yards than to play around with a hundred yard roll to cut a yard, especially if you’re not equipped with a cutting table.

—Aron Kay, the “Yippie Pieman,” at the Cannabis March, May 5.—“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller —Image:

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