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And thus spake Zarathustra…Business is business, but in terms of public relations its not the most exciting coup of the year. That a German investment group that according to Der Spiegel made its pile of loot from conficated jewish property and close and profitable ties to the Nazis should by a significant owner of Haaretz is in the sense of black comedy, amusing and sort of comprehensible, and at the same time, perplexing that these “ties that bid,” seem to have an eerie coherence with old activities such as the Arlozoroff Transfer Agreement …

Kirschner, Five Women in the Street, 1913. —Salman Schocken was a Jewish department store magnate-turned-publisher who fled Germany for pre-state Israel after the Nazis took power. Now, his Israeli heirs have sold 25 percent of their liberal Haaretz newspaper to a German publisher with a Nazi past. The DuMont Schauberg Group, one of Germany’s largest media concerns, recently paid €25 million for its stake in the Israeli daily. In Nazi times, the publishing house was headed by Kurt DuMont, a member of the Nazi party who was decorated by the Nazi regime, company executive Peter Pauls told Haaretz in an interview published Wednesday. The DuMonts, Pauls said, “had to keep operating a company when the Nazis came to power, and they did the minimum required to survive at that time.” Kurt DuMont’s 78-year-old son, Alfred, the group’s current owner, has no Nazi ties, and shouldn’t be tarred by his father’s deeds, Amos Schocken, Salman’s grandson, told the Yediot Aharonot newspaper on Wednesday. “There is no reason to foist upon him, or upon the company he now heads, responsibility for an earlier era,” Schocken said. —Read More:

…with the Nazis that allowed Jews to leave for Zion with their assets as long as it was recycled into German industrial goods; and Haaretz has always been the mouth piece of the dozen or so leading families in the Holy Land that seem to have their fingers in the state sanctioned monopolies and cartels and the effective control of the bureaucratic apparatus. The old Labor Zionism of the Mapai party is the origin, and as much as they can try to airbrush out the past, the connections of Transfer Agreement, and War reparations and commerical ties seems more than mere coincidence or convenience …

Snyders, Frans (1579-1657)
Kitchen Still-Life
Date: 1605-10 —Steven Plaut:There are two important twists to this story that deserve your attention. The first is that the Haaretz reporter interviewed and published comments in the story by one of the key people at the New Israel Fund event – and that person was none other than Dov Chanin (also spelled Khenin), a Knesset Member from the hard-core Israeli
communist party. That party has never gotten around to repudiating Stalinism.
Chanin is an unreformed Stalinist and cheerleader for Arab terror, but was being featured at a celebration of the New Israel Fund. He is quoted at length in Haaretz as saying that the “attacks” against the New Israel Fund represent a clear and present danger to Israeli democracy, and that it is essential for all good people to rush to the defense of the besieged Israeli democracy….Read More: Image:

Steven Plaut: But there is something far more important here. On the one hand we have Haaretz attempting to discredit and smear the Im Tirtzu students in a campaign of leftist McCarthyism over a donation the students received. But THIS IS THE VERY SAME HAARETZ THAT IS NOW ONE QUARTER OWNED BY A GERMAN INVESTMENT GROUP THAT MADE ITS FORTUNE IN WORLD WAR II FROM ITS NAZI TIES AND FROM GRABBING PROPERTY STOLEN FROM JEWS!!!

In 2006 the Schoken family, which began Haaretz and still is the largest shareholder in it, sold 25% of the ownership shares in Haaretz to a German investor named group DuMont Schauberg. (It also is a major funder of the Shimon Peres Center!) Now according to the leading German news magazine Der Spiegel, the DuMont family  amassed the lion’s share of its wealth during World War II, in no small part by grabbing property stolen from Jews….

—The Haaretz deal is the company’s first investment abroad.
Haaretz described the alliance with the German publishing group as one based on “shared values,” adding that DuMont Schauberg was a “partner that has a thorough understanding of the public responsibility of this business.”—Read More:,,2135753_page_0,00.html painting: Watteau, Le Faux Pas….

Der Spiegel wrote that although the family tends to depict itself as a victim of the Nazi regime, it essentially profited from it. Der Spiegel also claimed that the DuMonts used a front group to secretly grab up stolen Jewish property (if you read German, you can see the report at .Read More:

The editorial policy of the paper has always been hostile to Israel’s “Jewish Jews,” a sort of inferior species bound to archaic tradition, and the paper has lobbed salvo after salvo to let these less whites know exactly who is the leader and who are the colonized. The anti-semitic drippings from poisoned pens like Yossi Sarid and Gideon Levy are always masked as a sort of post-Jewish perspective, post-Zionist that bases its superiority and higher moral standards on the deepest and profound tradition of the European Liberal Enlightenment.


A wealthy man of the world. The Cologne publisher Alfred Neven DuMont, one of the hundred ri

t people in Germany, has just landed yet another coup. Barely six months have passed since public accusations that the family business profited from “Aryanization” during the Nazi period, and now the liberal-minded but vanity-stricken lion of Rhenish high society has announced a partnership with the Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz. Only a scoundrel would see a link between the two events.

And as so often in such cases, a close, longstanding friendship between men helped this deal along. None other than Israel’s former ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Avi Primor, is said to have oiled the wheels for his pal from Cologne. Primor, now director of the Center for European Studies at IDC Herzliya private university in Tel Aviv, still has an excellent reputation in Germany.

Almost daily, he is consulted by German media as a competent assessor of the Middle East conflict. In many people’s eyes, he is far more popular than the current ambassador, Simon Stein, who, unlike Primor, adopts hard-line positions.Read More:

Yossi Sarid from Haaretz, in the typical superior, condescending and bad faith tone that attacks Chabad but effectively demonizes all religious jews who essentially should stay naked in the kitchen, be in a refrigerator, or at best seen and not heart, clawing for pellets in a Skinner box:

Chabadniks are storming the castle. If they can cast shame on the people inside,they will succeed in toppling an entire bastion of secularism. They do not live here nor do they intend to saw their houses off their foundations and transport them here; they are visitors who are insisting on driving in a stake and replacing the tent.

This is their hunting ground. One trap has been laid at the commercial center. If the passerby does not take heed, he will immediately be netted in tefillin straps and fall plundered into the phylactery boxes for the forehead and the arm. They are laying a second trap near the schools; it is easier to hunt souls when they are tender.

But the inhabitants of Ramat Aviv also want to educate their children in their own way. And not in the Chabad way, which defines Zionism as “idolatry” and “a bitter exile” and has seen the establishment of the state as a “crime.” Hasidism has never allowed a foothold in its institutions to anyone who represents a different opinion. Their children are sacred, ours are profane.

As in the Song of Songs 4:11, they have honey and milk beneath their tongues but they will conceal the poison until they swallow their prey.

There are still Israelis, and I know some, who do not see a flesh and blood rabbi, the one who is buried in Brooklyn and didn’t die in Jerusalem, as King Messiah. In his death as in his life, the leader of Chabad, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is prepared to shed our blood for every clod of earth, on which he never set foot.

I too was once seduced into believing that “Chabad is an apolitical movement,” as Wikipedia in Hebrew is pleased to depict it. That was until the elections in 1996 came along and debunked yet another false belief: “Netanyahu is good for the Jews,” the Lubavitchers chorused loudly from one end of greater Israel to the other. And Joseph Gutnick, the billionaire from Australia, funded the campaign at the command of his rebbe.

Since then I have been guarding my soul and keeping my distance from the duplicitous movement as if from idolatry. Chabad is proof that emissaries of holy commandments and good deeds will not be harmed – they even receive enhanced budgets – but they are greatly harmful. Their love of Israel always entails the exclusion of “others,” be they Reform and Conservative Jews, Arabs, leftists or simply freethinking Jews – anyone who stands like a donkey in the Messiah’s path and impedes his arrival.

There is no movement more missionary than Chabad, which every serious researcher, religious or secular, defines as a “cult”; there is none more seductive than Chabad, except perhaps Madonna. Its “mitzvah tank” ambushes sick people in their pain, mourners in their grief, soldiers in their camps, travelers wherever they are, minors in their innocence, and immigrants and tourists taking their first steps in the land. For there is no one like Chabad for sniffing out easy prey.

Why search high and low for evidence? They also fall upon me, in my own neighborhood, and try to measure my blood pressure with their head-and-arm kit; and I, too, expel them. …Read More:

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