take a dixie flyer: shut the F.U.

So little white girls can drop an F-bomb. And its so cute. Financed by George Soros so there can always be a sequel where Sam and the family can smoke some homegrown or benefit from that peace dividend and splurge on Columbian Gold. Or bring gramps into the action with his George Soros style twenty something hottie. No, Samuel Jackson is no more backdoor man, and there is no more appeasin’ the white folk. Obama is going to deal effectively with the appeasement issue: he’ll bash whites cos’ they’re really stupid; but if they had heard the Rev. Jeremiah Wright or spent some time with those charming Alinsky’s and their clan or rubbed shoulders with David Axelrod they would want a big social net too, to catch every sucker fish stupid enough to swallow the bait.  Its an effective campaign, if complicated, but it smells nonetheless and there is a whiff of misanthropy around the whole jolly venture.

—Actor Samuel L. Jackson‘s F-bomb laden call to action for Obama supporters topped the online political charts this week with more than 2.6 million views, leapfrogging the previous week’s off-color effort from comedian and fellow Obama supporter Sarah Silverman, according to data from Visible Measures for the week ended Sunday.
Both videos were funded by Jewish Council for Education & Research, or JCER, a super PAC backed by Alexander Soros, son of billionaire George Soros.—Read More:http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2012/10/01/samuel-l-jackson-shakes-up-political-video-charts/

Superficially, Obama 2012 is an incoherent campaign. He caters to Muslims but still bombs the crap out of them, plays the Arab race card when convenient and is silent on Guantanamo. Jews will mostly vote for him, and he had the likes of Rothkopf and the celebrity spangled Thomas Friedman to act as P.R. for the American Judenrat and volunteer Kapo to hammer home their inferior and colonized status. And he has effectively dipped into the American entertainment complex to open the dykes for spreading more Obama miracle water. He shamelessly used Michael Lewis to fawn over a book, “Obama’s Way” which is basically campaign propaganda, hair salon light fare reading for the readers Digest condensed and diluted crowd. And everything has the smug overtone of the Left position occupying the perch of more moral and superior; especially with their Bauhaus designed drone aircraft, but Arabs will support him even if he drones Pakistanis and Afghanswith the “determined resolve” one would expect of a trained lawyer in constitutional law. As Rev. Wright would proclaim, “Hallejewiah.” hey, if no other than the venerable Noam Chomsky can hold his nose and vote for Barry, you can too! That’s street credibility. With edge. See the write-up in Adbusters. Buy the t-shirt.

—JCER co-founder Mik Moore said the group plans to unveil similar ads in the coming weeks. While the videos are admittedly a bit risqué, Mr. Moore said that’s necessary to garner attention and make sure the message isn’t drowned out by near-constant campaign ads.
“We’re actually trying to create videos the [Obama] campaign couldn’t do in a million years. We’re not simply replicating what the campaign do,” he said in an interview.
Pro-Mitt Romney forces managed only one ad in the top 10, in a new spot from the Romney campaign featuring the GOP nominee speaking straight to the camera about how his economic plan will get more Americans back to work — and get the economy back on track.
In all, the Obama campaign had five videos in the top 10; liberal groups had four; and the Romney campaign had one.—Read More:http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2012/10/01/samuel-l-jackson-shakes-up-political-video-charts/

Much of the seeming chaos is actually be design. The inconsistencies are designed to sway voters in crucial areas whose views can easily be sacrificed and disposed of after the election. There is no Jewish problem for the prez so in certain areas he can whack Israel and play a vague anti-semitecard to cull the Romney leaners and reach for the fringies who can deliver electoral college votes; have Samuel Jackson in a white bedroom to arouse the vital juices and get African American fannies to the booth, rekindle a tie with Cornel West before dropping him again like a dead rat.  Dirty politics but true. Obama 2012 is just a hair away from getting Tina Fey to show a cheek.

For all the polish, posing and staged gesture, this campaign may be out of touch. May be failing to connect in a meaningful way with the broad “invisible republic,” who may not be the sharpest pencils in the box but know a phony when they see one.

So, Obama 2012 campaign strategy and tactics have mystified many: Why is he seemingly appeasing, cratering to the end reaches of his support spectrum shifting the locus leftward instead of assembling a broad coalition in the center? Attacking the business community, Catholics, Israel supporters, Arabs all giving the impression of he’d rather be golfing and to heck with the ballot box.The strategy is to conduct many micro-campaigns instead of a consistent national message. The brain trust, the polling mavericks and number crunchers, the bean counters, seem to have formed a consensus that he sinks or swims depending on how a few select districts in swing states cast their vote. The rubber hits the road and they’ll sell their children if the positions resonate in an act of political prostitution.

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