dice need not apply: voluntary control

The cosmos is a giant thought? For well over a hundred years, scientists have systematically shattered the mechanistic universe, and made room among the black holes for ESP, psychokinesis, mindons, psitrons, and ghosts…

…But, as Arthur Koestler pointed out, what holds for quanta need not apply to dice. “You cannot influence the progress of a macroscopic body like a rolling die with microphysical particles.” Although Dr. J.B. Rhine and his associates accumulated evidence that psychic powers affect the movement and behavior of large, solid objects like dice, it is difficult to explain how and why, even with the most sophisticated theories that quantum mechanics has put at our disposal.

—Yogic Flying: Defying gravity with no evidential support—Read More:http://quantumnonlinearity.blogspot.ca/2011_10_01_archive.html

Psychokinesis, PKE, has however, slipped into medical study by stealth. Sixty or seventy years ago there was intense professional resistance to the idea that the mind could injure or heal the body, but the evidence has since become too mountainous to ignore: from yogic suspension of breathing to the firewalker’s unscorched feet, from stigmatization to the “magic” removal of warts and documented cases of bone regrowth in religious spas like Lourdes, facts continue to pile up.

—Another related experience at about that time at the Menninger Foundation were studies of the visiting Indian yogi, Swami Rama. They found he could within minutes make his hand 10 degrees warmer on one side than the other side of the same hand. One side of the hand became red, the other side gray. This convinced the research psychologists that the human brain had the potential for enormous control over unconscious body processes.—Read More:http://heartcurrents.com/warm-hands-happy-heart/

To a mechanistic theory of body and brain, such events are inexplicable. But if, as ESP research proposes, the brain is not a machine, if it is instead a highly organized neural transformer of impulses from a different entity called “mind,” then a possible link between psychosomatic and psychokinetic events exists. Something like free will, that bogeyman of materialist causation, may cut in and exert its PK influence on the unstable quanta of the brain’s neural links. For the psi researcher, “brain” is only a more highly organized and vulnerable part of the world of matter on which “mind” acts.

So-called biofeedback systems have recently been devised for direct mind control over involuntary body processes- muscle tension, blood flow, blood pressure, heart and brain-wave frequencies; stopping migraines by monitoring the blood flow to subject’s faces and so reducing arterial swelling. That is, by not concentrating on the headache, other processes of the brain come into play which are processes that are unfamiliar and difficult to explain. ( to be continued)…

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