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Men who stare at goats and then steal them. They don’t even have to do a messy slaughter. They just stare at them until they croak and roll over. Think of goat rustling as paranormal phenomenon in the national interest of resistance struggle. First goats and sheep and then people can be dispatched by the evil eye.  Even the Pentagon  investigates paranormal phenomena in the name of national interest and security.

So, maybe all these goat kidnappings, goat rustling, not wrestling, is linked to stopping a goat’s heart as a test of the limits of mental abilities; playing with curses and hoping the piss doesn’t come back in the wind. Like in the movie Staring At Goats,its part of an engagement with psychological and psychic experiments with goat herds and perhaps a few human expendables. The New Earth antifada. And the perpetrators  they can never be caught as they vanish into the sky like all shamans the end its not theft, its a “gain” that is part and parcel of the deep, dark, intense, impenetrable secrets of the esoteric side of the Koran. ….

—In an equally non-descript room next to the shed, a young sergeant in combat fatigues was staring at the goats through a window fitted with one way glass. Two soldiers and a general were anxiously watching the sergeant. Every so often, the general would shake his head slightly and a worried look would cross his face.
The sergeant took another swig of coffee and then something extraordinary happened. Goat Number 17 let out a silent bleat, keeled over, and died.
“My God,” said the general. “It works.”
The sergeant nodded silently. He’d just managed to kill the goat using nothing more than the psychic power of his mind. Finally, after years of research, the US Army’s Project Jedi seemed to be on the verge of success.—Read More:

( See link at end)…In a recent article in a Shiite news site it is claimed that Israel has tried to abduct two shepherds from southern Lebanon – Mohammed Qassem Hashem and Ahmed Haidar.

It adds that “After failing to kidnap the shepherds, the Israeli forces then stole 900 goats in the area and took them to the Israeli-occupied sections of the Shebaa farms.”

The article doesn’t explain what is Israel’s interest in such a peculiar action, why shepherds, why those specific two, and what is Israel’s sudden pressing need for 900 goats (the number varies throughout the article).

It also does not explain how that many goats were transferred to Israel. A calculation of 9-10 goats per truck would have required about 90-100 trucks to get the goats to Israel. That would have been a serious delivery operation…

—Mr Harris, 65, has kept sheep for more than 25 years, and says it is the first time any of his livestock have been stolen.
“I suspect they have been taken upcountry and slaughtered at a private abattoir because they were all tagged and a licensed slaughterhouse wouldn’t have had anything to do with them.”
Mr Harris said he had alerted other farmers in the area about the theft from his land and they are taking extra precautions.—Read More:

If nothing else, this article opens a window to a unique school of thought that prevails in the Middle-East.Read More:

psychic soldiers co

’t bring themselves to kill them, especially when the creatures were looking at them with their big brown eyes. They finally latched onto goats. They reasoned that no one could empathise with a creature as ugly as a goat.

“One of the special forces soldiers, Michael Echanis, could stop the heart of a goat just by thinking about it,” says Sergeant Wheaton. “I watched him do it.

—We learn the killing, devastating aspects of evil-eye from the Prophet. The following is stated in the hadith narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah:
“Evil-eye is true. It puts a camel in a cooking pot and a man in grave.” (Kashfu’l-Khafa, 2: 76, narrated Abu Naim).
Thus, just as a camel affected by evil-eye may die and its meat can be put in the cooking pot, so too may a man affected by evil-eye die and be put in grave. It is understood from the hadith that the effects of evil-eye affect not only human beings but also all living beings and even anything that attracts one to look at.—Read More: image:

“Blood began to drip from its nose. Froth then started to bubble from its mouth. The creature fell on to its side, had a fit and died. I can’t have taken longer than 30 seconds. It was chilling to watch.” Read More:


(see link at end)…Therefore, Europe is not the continent of one faith, but of many faiths. Or to put it in a sunlight context. Europe is not the continent of one Sun’s ray, but of many sunrays that make our world so wonderful in its diversity of beautiful colours. The notion that Europe is exclusively Christian is incorrect both factually and historically. Together with Christians, the Jewish and Muslim communities have throughout history contributed a great deal to the European spiritual, cultural as well as political and economic life. This fact of European history is not enough known not only because some European historians tend to ignore it entirely, but also because Jewish and Muslim historians have almost neglected that part of their history. I believe, that the historical clarity of the role of Jews and Muslims in the European history, especially in medieval Spain, will help both the Jewish and Muslim communities to find their right place in Europe at the present and future time and will help also the European Christians to appreciate the fact that European history is the product of many faiths and cultures. In order to further show how important it is that we read European history comprehensively, I would like to quote here John Lukacs who is rightly reminding us that: “We live forward but we can only think backward … not only of the present … but also of our entire view of the future: for even when we think of the future we do this by remembering it.” Based on this Lukacs’ insight, I believe that remembering our common European past will help us not to forget our common European future.

—Jewish farmer Avraham Hertzlich suffered a huge blow Friday morning with the loss of a herd of 400 goats. The goats were taken from Givat Hayekev, the temporary housing site for residents of the destroyed Jewish community of Migron.
Hertzlich lives in the Samaria (Shomron) town of Tapuach, but wanders Judea and Samaria with his animals.
Police and military units responded to reports of the theft and began searching the nearby Arab town of Michmas and Bedouin tents in the area. However, police now believe the thieves came from outside the region and brought trucks with them which they used to spirit the goats away.
The herd that was stolen had been under threat for years—Read More: image:

Unfortunately, our knowledge of the European past and, so, our comparison of the things of the past with the present, especially when it comes to a sort of religious interaction among the three main faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is often either full of prejudices or empty of reasonable meaning.

Some of our history books are full of such examples that lead you to believe that the line between Islamdom in the East and Christendom in the West is final. This is not true by the simple fact that these two world religions have their followers both in the East and the West and that both of them went through a testing time before they have been accepted both in the East and the West. It is very known, that it was only by the Edict of Constantine/Milan[5], 313, as a manifesto of toleration of the Christian Church that Christianity had received an official citizenship in Europe. That, of course, was a significant step towards an overall notion of religious tolerance in Europe.

Let me, once again, quote John Lukacs in respect of the importance of comparison: “All things are known by comparison, for comparison contains within itself a power which immediately demonstrates … And just as our act of seeing depends on contrast, our knowledge of the present depends on our knowledge of the past”.

In order to show how right John Lukacs is, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the great Khalife Abd al-Rahman III of Europe/Andalusia appointed Hasdai bin Shaprut, the prince of the Andalusian Jews, as his foreign secretary. This detail of European history from the beginning of the 10th century is telling us that it is possible that the Muslim Khalife and the Jewish foreign minister work together for the public good. The comparison here is my dream that the rulers of today’s Europe remember such an example of European history so that one day, I hope very soon, a native European Muslim, for instance a Bosnian Muslim, may become the foreign minister of the European Union. Of course, I am serious about that, and, of course, I believe that the European governments cannot ignore any longer the European Muslim demand to become part of the decision-making when it comes not only to their religious and cultural rights, but also their political and economic expectations. I do not know any European government that has a Muslim minister of anything. Sure, I agree with those who say that one should not be the minister just because he or she is Muslim. Read More:

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