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Something American about it. That snappy walk, The way the gum is chewed. There is no end to the American ingenuity of shaping public opinion. Its post-Imperialism. There is always this incorporation of the “other” within a narrative that serves its own self-interests. The story is contextually framed as some variant of Hemingway Americana and these vague, blobby and temporary figures weave in and out of the narrative to wander off into the wadi and be forgotten; or seen as awkward and limpy characters out of a F.Scott Fitzgerald frame of reference who are hopelessly un-deft at grabbing the idiom.

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Lack of superiority and moral inferiority is a given. But the news media is entertainment, part of the entertainment complex with all the patriarchal and misogynist undertones and capacity for diluting critical content into synthetic drivel, like taking Grosz, Beckmann or Dix’s Weimar Germany and transforming it into romantic comedy like Cabaret. Syria is another example: the Free Rebels are the good guys, but not too good; they have hang-ups you see; they are easily herded into cheap nationalism where they can work out their habitual inferiority complexes married to jail-bait sense of patriotism. Patriotism,the sense of nation which preceded the states involved, noble ideals, and redemptive potential is booted to the margins. But, what is projected onto this “other” is to some extent a mirror of ourselves….

(see link at end)…Her marriage, Hanadi said, is simply one of convenience.

In August, she wed the commander of the militia she had joined, the 30-member Thul Nurain, based in the Tadamon neighborhood.

“It was to prevent people from talking — ‘Why is she sitting among all those men?’ ” she said.

“Tadamon is a conservative place and it’s a big deal to have an unmarried girl among a group of men,” said Abu Majid, 34, who worked as a deliveryman before he took up arms.

He asked her father’s permission and was turned down, but a local sheik agreed to marry them anyway….

—Geez. Must be a shipping error…..—Three crates from an arms manufacturer – addressed to Saudi Arabia – have been seen in a base being used by rebel fighters in the city of Aleppo.
How the small crates reached Aleppo is unknown, and the BBC was not allowed to film their contents.
Saudi Arabia has refused to comment on the matter.
Turkey is calling for “international action” on Syria after a sixth consecutive day of cross-border shelling.—Read More: image:

They publicized the marriage within the neighborhood and among rebel groups in order to stop the wagging tongues. For weeks, she

n’t tell her family.

Abu Majid’s first wife still doesn’t know.

His wife and three young sons, who left Tadamon when fighting erupted there, are one reason Hanadi said the marriage won’t last past the conflict. She doesn’t want to be a home wrecker and added that Abu Majid’s wife would “slaughter him if she found out.”…

High school leaving not required. —The crates of ammunition found in an Aleppo mosque were made by the Ukrainian firm Dastan, which specialises in naval weapons and missile complexes.
What was in the crates is unknown, says the BBC’s Ian Pannell, who has been in Aleppo, as is how they ended up there.
But their presence clearly suggests that someone in the Gulf is actively helping the rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, our correspondent says.—Read More: image:

“This is just a marriage for the revolution. After … we will separate,” she said, placing her index fingers side by side and then moving them apart, by way of visual aid. “Either I may die or we both may die, or at the end of the revolution we will say bye-bye but remain friends.” Read More:,0,7484972,full.story

…Obaida Hitto left a bouquet of white roses for his mother, with a sterling silver locket and a note: “You’ve made me what I am. But now I need to go and do what I need to do.”

Mr. Hitto, 25, a former high school football player, deferred his plans for law school to sneak into Syria to assist the rebels by making videos and spreading information on the Internet to help their cause.

“I’m one of them,” Mr. Hitto said proudly during a recent telephone interview….

—The Guardian then makes the case that Annan’s even scant neutrality equates to endorsing genocide. While it may be interpreted as an attack on Annan – it should be remembered that Annan himself is a member of the elitist establishment driving Syria’s destabilization, and that his “peace plan” was never intended to be implemented, but only stall for time to increase covert military support for terrorist proxies where overt NATO intervention could not be achieved through the UN Security Council. The West’s goal is to “bleed” Syria to death.
The Guardian of course is not alone. This narrative is directed by the US State Department and the British Foreign Office and echoed throughout the Western corporate-media.—Read More:

Since the early days of the uprising, Syrian rebel forces have filled their ranks with army defectors and civilians. But as the war has dragged on, and the government has made it much harder for soldiers to defect, two other groups have contributed to the opposition. There has been a rise in the number of foreign fighters, many of them Islamist extremists. But there has also been a small, though noticeable, number of men like Mr. Hitto, of Syrian descent and with Western passports, who have made the journey to join the Free Syrian Army….Read More:


(see link at end)…Since it is these special interests that masquerade as the “international community,” then indeed the “international community” has failed Syria – since from the beginning it had every intention to mire Syria in sectarian violence, political destabilization, economic ruination, and eventual social and political collapse. Since 2007, this so-called “international community” has been conspiring against world peace, as duly noted in Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article, “The Redirection (2007).” In it, it was clearly stated that the United States, Israel, and their Gulf State proxies, particularly Saudi Arabia, were already building an armed secular extremist front with which to wage violent subversion upon Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

From the US-engineered “Arab Spring” to the extremist violence that has ravaged Libya and now Syria, the West is executing a coordinated, premeditated military and political campaign to conquer by proxy a vast swath of territory extending from North Africa, through the Middle East, and into Central Asia. It is a geopolitical campaign that directly targets all sovereign nation states, and in particular Russia and China in what is only the latest in a long struggle throughout human history by megalomaniacs to establish uncontested global hegemony. As the ploys are overused, their effectiveness has begun to falter and the legitimacy of the West’s actions and “role” is now failing. What we are left with is an overt campaign of military aggression, in direct violation of world peace and any norm of international law, real or contrived.Read More:

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