tea time

Tea at the Boswells’: At rne past midnight the servant yawns and Boswell is asleep, but an unconcerned Dr. Johnson keeps on consuming tea and talking to Boswell’s long suffering wife. Boswell assured himself that his wife and his hero got along well at their meeting, but the satirical Thomas Rowlandson suspected otherwise- and he was right. With his ugly face, his dingy clothes, his grunting and slurping, Dr. Johnson was not likely to be Mrs. Boswell’s cup of tea. ….

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Boswell wrote: My wife had tea ready for him, which it is well known he delighted to drink at all hours, particularly when sitting up late. He shewed much complacency upon finding that the mistress of the house was so attentive to his singular habit; and as no man could be more polite when he chose to be so, his address to her was most courteous and engaging;

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