the paranormal: does what matter

…Now there is a vast amount of testimony to psi phenomena. Freud and Jung took their existence for granted; they fascinated William James; and as Arthur Koestler pointed out in his The Roots of Coincidence, the British Society for Psychical Research has, since its formation in 1882, included on its list of presidents “three Nobel Laureates, ten Fellows of the Royal Society, one Prime Minister and a galaxy of professors, mostly physicists and philosophers.”

—Before long, even a magician was called in who, after watching objects move in an alarmingly paranormal manner, joined with others in concluding that this was no trick.
It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the Cuban Vasquez was closely associated with the events. Nothing happened when he wasn’t around. When he was, all hell broke loose. Accompanied by Dr. J.G. Pratt of Duke University and assisted by the note-taking of author Susy Smith, Roll was able to log some 224 paranormal incidents, more than seventy occurring after he had gotten to the scene. All of them took place while Julio was on the premises. So active was the Miami poltergeist that Roll was even able to set up semi-controlled experiments during an outbreak, tests that further confirmed that the energy at work was connected with the Cuban,
The parapsychologist set up target and “decoy” objects for the poltergeist to knock over and was able to watch stationary objects move. Whenever Vasquez was out of the room, Roll noted his target objects stayed perfectly still.—Read More:

That parapsychological inquiry could engage minds of such caliber has surely done something to dispel the lingering idea that psi phenomena are for dotty old ladies who sit in darkened rooms watching quack mediums pull wads of cheesecloth ectoplasm out of their sleeves. Nevertheless, it is not final, or even acceptable, proof of the validity of psi phenomena.

When J.B. Rhine and his wife Louisa began their experiments on ESP at Duke University, they were up against a wall of variables and imponderables; subsequent researchers have inherited the difficulties. There is no way to test some seer’s claim that the San Andreas Fault will split and precipitate Marin Country into the pacific on a given date. But you can, with patience and rigorous modesty, isolate model functions of psi phenomena and test them to exhaustion against the laws of chance. And that is what the Rhines and their successors have been doing. ( to be continued)…

— Psychic warfare became a branch of the Monarch Programming. This is the Theta Programming. ……..
Col. John B. Alexander, US Army and part of the Monarch Programming, wrote for Psychic Warfare, “Psychotronics may be described as the interaction of the mind and matter. While the concepts may stretch the imagination of many readers, research in this area has been underway for years, and the possibility for employment as weaponry has been explored. To be more specific, there are weapons systems that operate on the power of the mind and whose lethal capacity has already been demonstrated.” —Read More: image:

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