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One could pose the question that if Israel did not exist, what would many in the world do? There is literally an industry of PR and punditry, press that is dependent on Israel’s existence including social networks, fund raising, activism etc. It would all come crashing down, or like Lord of the Flies, they would soon turn on each other and convert to cannibalism. They would have to find a new Israel to shit on, a new black sheep to separate from the flock, something to create the diversionary “other” as distraction. These polls are constantly being recycled on quiet days to vitalize the base, rouse the vital fluids of Dionysian frenzy, as if it was an epistle from from some divine providential poolside chat to keep the flames burning and check the inventory of Zyklon B new and improved. ..

—Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
Start Date: 1510
Completion Date:1515
Style: Northern Renaissance
Series: The Garden of Earthly Delights
Genre: religious painting
Technique: oil—Source:WIKI

( see link at end)….Israel retained its position as one of the world’s most negatively-viewed countries, according to BBC’s annual poll published Wednesday night.

With 50 percent of respondents ranking Israel negatively, Israel keeps company with North Korea, and places ahead of only Iran (55% negative) and Pakistan (51% negative)….

The 2012 Country Ratings Poll was conducted among 24,090 people worldwide, and asked respondents to rate whether the influence of 22 countries was “mostly positive” or “mostly negative.”

Sentiments of nihilism? Everyone needs a carpet to step on….Read More:

Evaluations of the Jewish state, already largely unfavorable in 2011, have worsened in 2012. Out of the 22 countries polled, the majority in 17 of them view Israel negatively, while only three (the US, Nigeria and Kenya) view Israel positively. In Kenya, negative ratings of Israel fell by 10 points to 31%, while the country experienced an even larger increase in positive ratings of Israel, rising 16 points to 45%.

Negative perceptions of Israel in EU countries have continue to rise, reaching 74% in Spain (up 8%), 65% in France (up 9%), while in Germany and Britain the negative views remain high but stable (69% and 68% respectively). In other Anglo countries, perceptions of Israel are worsening, including in Australia (65%), and Canada (59%).

Among Muslim countries, perceptions of Israel have continued to deteriorate. Of particular concern for Israel is the country sitting on its southern neighbor, Egypt, where 85% of the population views Israel negatively, up 7% since 2011.

In Asian countries, public opinion on Israel is growing increasingly antagonistic. In China, just 23% of those surveyed view Israel positively compared with 45% negatively. In India, overall opinion has shifter from being divided in 2011 to leaning negatively. In South Korea, negative views of Israel rose a full 15% (to 69%), while positive views decreased 11% (to 20%) Read More:


—The Massacre of the Innocents
by Charles Le Brun—Read More:


Not that Israel is not racist, violent and excessive. That’s a given. That its politics are Mickey Mouse. Still, compared to much of the competition….What is surprising is that there are 20% favorable to Israel. One would expect 3-4% range. In particular the 7% in Egypt must be in hiding, or in fear of having their tongue cut off….Hatred of Israel, and to a certain extent, Jews, as a closest proxy, is a great unifier to many as Tom Lehrer explains….


(see link at end)…Europe is not a benchmark for Israel. They are not in danger – any danger – of denying the franchise to a majority of citizens, thereby compromising their democracies. We are. That is the issue – not France or Western democracies.

The third basic foundation for Yemini’s attack is a discussion about the Arabs citizens of Israel. Very much like the leaders of Apartheid South Africa who boasted that conditions were better for Black South Africans compared to the rest of Africa, he tells us how civil rights in Israel for Arabs are better than in Arab countries. True, but unfortunately irrelevant. Why? Because today Israeli Arabs are but a small number of a majority of Arab Palestinians between the sea and the Jordan River devoid of basic civil rights. The data is clear on this….

…If the Green Line appears on the map of Israel, Yemini is quite right, but when it is erased – in textbooks, in school tours, in government-sponsored housing for Jews only, way beyond Israel’s internationally recognized borders, in the very ethos of modern Israel in general, unfortunately the clause “institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime” brings us dangerously close to joining that dreaded category. Change “racial” to “ethnic” and consider that the definition relates not necessarily to all crimes but to any one of them, and it is clear how we have exposed ourselves to the ire of nations — and dismay from Israel’s closest allies.

Gideon Levy is not the issue. Haaretz is not the issue. Our inaction is. Ben-Dror Yemini speaks for many, cranking out knee-jerk reactions, waving the national feel-good flag, and directing personal attacks at the harbinger of bad tidings. Rather than face the facts and act, we direct our rage at the messenger.

Israel is not an apartheid state. It is, however, in serious danger of becoming one — and that, we cannot allow….Read More:

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