exact fit

by Art Chantry:

this profile line drawign of hitchcock is so famous that we assume it was done by an old master celebrity illustrator like hirschfield or somebody like that. this particular version here is so ancient that you may note hitch even has some hair on his head! the one we all became the most familiar with is the one you see on those re-runs of the old “alfred hitchcock hour” television show. i love the way he steps INTO the profile and it’s an EXACT FIT!

AC:the fact that hitchcock drew this OF HIMSELF is marvelous. it's so honest.

AC:the fact that hitchcock drew this OF HIMSELF is marvelous. it’s so honest.

the best part is that (i’ve read) hitchcock did this image himself! he doodled it out on his own. so, this is a self-portrait by the talented mr hitchcock! so, that also means he updated it as he aged (aka – removed the hair, widened the waisteline, etc.) he even made it part of this personal autograph. this is probably one of the most well-known and recognizeable celebrity characatures ever made (it’s difficult to come up with another as famous). and it was done by the master himself. how often does that happen?


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