maybe something good will come of them

And now we approach the jewish holiday of Hannukah, the Festival of Lights which recalls the victory more than 2000 years ago, of a militarily weak but spiritually strong people over the mighty forces of a ruthless foe that had over run the Israel, the Holy Land, and menaced to engulf the people and territory into total darkness. The miraculous victory with the dedication of the sanctuary in Jerusalem, symbolized by lighting of the menorah is an ongoing struggle for them, today as yesterday…

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804): The Jews are by nature “sharp dealers” who are “bound together by superstition.” Their “immoral and vile” behavior in commerce shows that they “do not aspire to civic virtue,” for “the spirit of usury holds sway amongst them.” They are “a nation of swindlers” who benefit only “from deceiving their host’s culture.” … “The euthanasia of Judaism is the pure moral religion.”

—There is abundant evidence, however, that physical features played an important role
in determining Jews well before the closing decades of the nineteenth century. The nose, for
example, had served as a Jewish characteristic as early as the thirteenth century. The same
holds true with respect to the so-called ‘Jewish foot’. For a long time there was an intimate
associative connection between the devil and the Jew. The former was portrayed as limping,
having a cloven-foot and thus, as (being) diseased. Through analogy, the same traits were
ascribed to Jews.—Klaus Hoedl. Image:

Its a reassuring message, and importantly, the danger does not come exclusively from outside, but often, as in the case of modern Israel, lurks close to home in the perversion and repudiation of values and principles that form the foundation of any decent human society; the expression, “a little light expels a lot of darkness,” can easily be shone on some of the less than wise acts of the country’s leadership, who for one reason or another, the residue of the Erev Rav perhaps, still walk in darkness. The Menorah accompanied the Jews in their trek through the desert and was accorded a place in honor in King Solomon’s Temple…

…where it was kindled by the High Priest. During the destruction of the first Temple, it was secreted out and remains hidden to this day. In the generation of WWII, it was the light of survival for concentration camp inmates. Not of gold nor silver, but eight potatoes scooped out in the center, to hold a few drops of oil and a thread taken from an old sweater…..shine on. shine on. shine on….

—In the nineteenth century, especially towards the end, measurements of Jewish heads
increased in number. In the early 1880s, Wladisław Dybowsky did research on 67 male
Jews of the gouvernement Minsk and concluded that the majority had a brachycephalic
head.(Brachycephaly was regarded as a characteristic common to inferior races.) The
same was stated by M. Kretzmer in 1901. In 1891, an article in the journal Das Ausland
reported on a study that was conducted in Galicia and measured the shape of the skull of
316 Jews. There were many other investigations which told the same story: Jews could be
distinguished from non-Jews by the shape of their heads.—Read More:

(see link at end)…The aforementioned nose was another bodily sign that was believed to have a specific form among Jews. As it has been pointed out before, the first reports on the “Jewish nose” date from the thirteenth century. They became more numerous in the eighteenth century. J.
F. Blumenbach mentioned it as well and ascribed it a conspicuous appearance.11 In 1808, a few years after Blumenbach’s “observation”, the Dutch physician Wachter reported on examinations of a Jewish skull. He “discovered” several peculiarities. Above all, he was struck by the very unnatural shape of the nose. He described it as having a strange, unnatural form, and he concluded that it accounted for the lack of ability of the Jews to talk properly. This line of argument, namely that a peculiar shape and size of the nose leads to an odd way of speaking, can be found in many publications of the nineteenth century. A medical dissertation by Bernhard Blechmann, dating from 1882, provides a concrete example. The author claimed that Jews had very big nose bones resulting from specific muscles, which in turn influenced their talking and laughing.Read More:


Shining the light from within, to chase the cockroaches away? How about the tactics used by the Olmert administration against unarmed Jewish settlers, obviously not reported too wildly since it is even worse than the Chicago police at the 1968 Democratic Convention.Never allow Olmert back in office, unless its to clean toilets in a a Tel Aviv ghetto after what he did at Amona, claiming  to “teach the settlers a lesson they will never forget”. The Jews do not require the Messiah to destroy the many anti-Semites  around the planet , but instead, first to engage in the clean up of the trash, the low lifes who assumed positions of power from within, the Jewish Gautleiters, the Judenrat collaborators…

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