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The big bang continues. Really the two dominant players in the art paper business whether in sheet or pad form is Canson and Strathmore which is a big quality jump from the scholastic paper companies which for the most part are sourcing off-shore. This week’s “hot deals” are two pads from Canson’s XL line which was conceived as a reasonable quality value packed line that was the result of a re-branding of its Jumbo series. Over the past several years it has evolved into a more complete series of products that covers mixed media, watercolor, sketch and drawing pads as well as sheets. The XL sketch paper is a bit thin, but still serviceable and is a better buy than the more expensive Canson sketch for pretty comparable qualities. Cannibalization is what happens when there are too many offerings.

9x12 format, the most popular size on sale this Saturday and Sunday only for $2.22 each.

9×12 format, the most popular size on sale this Saturday and Sunday only for $2.22 each.

The same narrative can be written for the XL Drawing which at 60 sheets is a superior buy to the Canson drawing of thirty sheets and only 20 per cent less expensive. It seems that expensive paper product sales are going to continue to erode as long as the so-called economy offerings are capable of filling most needs. The professionals will continue to pay for what they want but will likely buy more sheets which are cheaper and cut them…

This weeks sales price: $2.22 for the Canson XL Drawing or XL Sketch in 9 inch x 12 inch format.Both wire bound.  limit 6 per customer.

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