a meme as astral seeks

Playing with memes and avoiding the minefield of sensationalism, and new variants on the theme of pornography, which seems to be the antithesis of magic and at least something surprising, compelling and not entirely comprehensible.

[Kitsch] is perhaps most clearly visible where love poetry changes into pornography … perverting the infinite goal of love … into a series of finite sex acts….. Whoever produces kitsch … is not to be evaluated by esthetic measures but is ethically depraved; he is a criminal who wills radical evil. Hermann Broch, Evil in the Value System of Art, 1933

To be aesthetically compelling and avoiding the “tricks of the trade”Danielle1

“Perversion was implicit in modern art from the beginning, and remains a vital factor in it today. In fact, one can regard modern art as by and large the history of the representation of perversion. What makes it innovative — “modern” — is its perverseness, both in attitude and form. Curiosity about perversion, supposedly the most novel, adventurous sexuality, motivates many modern artists. Certainly some of the most famous, innovative works deal with perversion, more or less openly. They also tend to be structurally perverse, at least by traditional standards. And perverse in method, if automatism is any indication.”( Donald Kuspit)

Warhol Doge

Warhol Doge

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