yakety yak: mediated by known known’s

you’re not going to re-create the world in your image but extending the line is what inserting poetics and an aesthetic finish means within the current digital platform compared to adverts of yore. That means, yeah, rattle the cage, and blow up the barracks, and explode those comfort zones apart with whatever is handy in the toolbox.

Mon grand Amour, J'espère ne pas te faire Trop attendre Pour souper...

Mon grand Amour, J’espère ne pas te faire Trop attendre Pour souper…

Walter Benjamin’s “mediated by images” has evolved to the meta with mediated by brands which are almost all image. It’s something of a limitation on free speech, that is, to be spiritually leached out drop by drop. Generic everyman themes are basically embellished and attenuated within current trends, so it might not be bad content per se, it’s just sort of overcooked and it sticks to the roof of the palette before its swallowed whole. Everything is a synthetic “feel” so its not literal in the technical sense, but it won’t take you very far: like sleeping without dreams and water in the wine.bergeron19

Complacency ultimately means predictability and a tired, same-old same-old limp satisfaction of seeing tried and true, reinforced ad nauseum conventions fulfilled repeatedly without a note missed and in perfect pitch.

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  1. Bigstar says:

    Thanks for sharing the images and articles. I like Walter Benjamin’s “mediated by images” the best.

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