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roll one

Nice subliminal graphics here. Purple haze colors to reference dope and secondly, look how the magazine title is arranged into two words split or spliffed by Hendrix’s hair. Do the missing letters INGST constitute an acronym for I’m mot getting … Continue reading

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shafia: pet rats in a skinner box touch his lever

and so it is. Like Freud’s Totem and Taboo, we have an ape man living in groups dominated by an all powerful father who kept all women for his own exclusive sexual use and abuse. Unlimited, buffet style access to … Continue reading

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giants: part metal packets

Apparently, size does matter.They are giants. twelve feet high; a haunting reminder of the ancient nephilim said to have wandered the earth in a remote past. But these are mythological monsters transformed into autonomous¬† structures that do feed a certain … Continue reading

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