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dragon: fly the friendly skies

Up in smoke. It’s the jeer of the dragon. That charming scaly fellow. In Western iconography, the dragon, generally speaking, is a writhing symbol of evil, even of the Devil himself. But to the Chinese it is a benevolent heavenly … Continue reading

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turning it into twaddle

by Art Chantry ( art@artchantry.com) this sort of item drives me crazy. “design culture” has become such a self-fulfilling masturbatory fantasy that the yuppie “good taste” culture has embraced that they even sell “designer name brands” in places like walmart … Continue reading

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t-shirts : keep on ironin’

The t-shirt phenomenon…… Art Chantry (art@artchantry.com ) The unfortunate origins of the t-shirt in America begins with slavery. The tshirt was cheap easy field work clothing (light, breathable cotton, two shaped panels sewn together). In fact, the earliest recorded image … Continue reading

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