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t.s. eliot: obsessed with meat

T.S. Eliot a reactionary? The charges of fascism were of course brought against Eliot, and also against Yeats, Lawrence, Pound, and Wyndham Lewis for that ,matter, part of the romantic tug towards purity and blood one can imagine, the kind … Continue reading

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spirit of evil: feeding the wolves

…The notion of craftiness is known to all, the evil impulse that urges the individual to sin. That impulse does not push into sin all at once; it seems an incremental process towards some blood in your eyes insanity. The … Continue reading

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children being cute

Children being cute as a metaphor for superficiality. The new image of the child being born in innocence and the painter to capture that ripe moment of angelic realm before the inevitable gradual tarnishing of the soul. It was a … Continue reading

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