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shakin’ and blurred

Small pub we ran recently.The idea of fluidity and movement has always been an important metric of what we try to do. Transition and consolidation as an ideology designed to enhance and inspire and hopefully disrupt but not revolt. Memes … Continue reading

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IKEA deep ecology….

Coincidence with IKEA in Saudi Arabia? This oh so politically correct company that embraces such a high minded, secular view of nature. The whole corporate projected image seems much like a Heidegger model of hiding the fascism and the pure … Continue reading

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empty pages

by Art Chantry (art@artchantry.com ) there’s a new internet game out there called “famous record covers without the dead guys.” this one is a pip. …it’s properly spelled ‘lewd’. however, in this particular case, “doing ‘LUDE things” seems much more … Continue reading

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