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Is American culture black culture? Probably to a large degree and we take it for granted. The GOP campaign seems totally impervious to this and the Dems, despite the tired rhetoric, “I feel for you, I feel for your suffering,” … Continue reading

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the jazz swingers

African masks. The surrealists and the fetish for the African mask. The Man Ray photographs, the Demoiselles D’Avignon of Picasso in which cubsim collapsed the figurative. The African iconography and jazz was a metaphor for the exotic and a key … Continue reading

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zoot: just another way to get the gal

It went with the territory. The American dream was rubbish. They would never be admitted to white middle class America. The New Deal was no deal. Why should they appease the same set of values that corralled then forcibly placed … Continue reading

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Lindy Hop: Moonbeams and Swing Fiends

Lindy Hop was the name given to an original form of urban dancing of Afro-American creation. Its categorized as swing dancing , yet ┬áLindy Hop was an innovative variant that took the genre to a new level. The Harlem ghetto … Continue reading

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