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the 30 million dollar fawcett

It was a one for two gift apparently. The other one hung from a paper moon of sorts. Farah Fawcett bequethed two Warhol silkscreen portraits in her will, but one never made it to the institution in Texas. It was … Continue reading

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Do-Ho Suh & Instant Karma

”Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions”,said Edgar Cayce.Dubbed the sleeping prophet, Cayce was in fact an interpreter of the dream state of consciousness. ┬áCayce believed in the law of cause and effect. He suggested that in the process of … Continue reading

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Chance Encounters In The Snare Of Dreams

The weighty ┬ádilemma of the artist who must be ”human” in addition to creating. To slay the dragon of abstraction in pursuit of a cause. A mythological figure destined to eternal recurrence. Imagine alienation and despondency as a default setting, … Continue reading

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Theatre of the Glutinous

Various supersized reflective creations, unusual installations and jumbo sculptures are featured in a retrospective exhibit of Indian born artist Anish Kapoor which opens this week at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. A highlight is a sculpture of a vintage cannon … Continue reading

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