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i am curious yellow cheese

Lets go back to Ingmar Bergman. He once called Protestantism, “a wretched kettle of fish.” How to understand this Swedish pastor group and its anti-semitism? Bergman was always interested in the reasons, osbscure and unknowable behind unmotivated cruelty and the … Continue reading

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seventh seal : sitting out the last dance

A dog-tired knight on his return journey from the Crusades travels through a country plagued by the plague where he meets, in a literal sense, death himself. Not death warmed over, but death. Unambiguous death in black and white. The … Continue reading

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Vampires of the Vanities, and bonfires of insanity. It was not the medieval world that produced the witchcraft delusion. Surprisingly, it was the age of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. The dark ages were perhaps not all that dark after … Continue reading

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