grunt of the litter

Serial grunters.A gentlewoman’s grunt. Better than a belch? Are female tennis players who grunt too loud and long, beyond the level of exertion necessary for banging the bird putting off opponents and spoiling the game for viewers? In the world of fishing, a “grunting weight” is seen as decent sized, even tremendous. In hunting deer, the grunt of the buck usually indicates some does are around, and the grunting is kind of a prelude to male push n’ shoving for attention. Generally, individuals deaf from birth or early childhood make grunting noises because they have not learned to control their breathing the way hearing people do. Because they can’t hear themselves make noises, they don’t know that they are, and  don’t try not to. Its a natural noise  we’d all make if we didn’t censor the sounds we make….

---The top fatwa authority in the United Arab Emirates has issued a religious edict against the decibel-blasting vuvuzela, the sound of this World Cup that has inspired fans and earned loathing from many others. The trumpets that blare above 100 decibels -- a vuvuzela hits 127 decibels -- is haram, or forbidden, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments has ruled.---Read More:

Andrew Hough: Ian Ritchie admitted tournament officials were becoming increasingly uneasy about the practice. As the Championships celebrate its 125th anniversary this year Mr Ritchie, the chief executive of the All England Lawn and Tennis Club (AELTC), said fans were also becoming frustrated with loud players who they believe are spoiling the game….

---Spectators looked on amused, not only at the volume but also the length of her roars, which exceeded 1.5 seconds almost every time she hit the ball before play was suspended due to rain. ...The loudest known grunt came from Maria Sharapova, who sent the sound monitor into new realms with a recording of 105 decibels in 2009. Read More: image:


…He blamed younger players, whom he said suffered from an “education problem” about the issue. On the first day of the SW19 championships, Victoria Azarenka, of Belarus, a player often criticised for her wails, edged towards record noise levels as she made her debut on Court No 2. Noise machines recorded her reach a level of 95 decibels as she shrieked her way through the first round match against Slovakia’s Magdalena Rybarikova. Read More:

95 decibels. Its the equivalent to being exposed to a motorcycle, a chainsaw, a wood shop and a snowmobile. And not more than fifteen minutes of unprotected exposure is recommended.

---Experts say that extended exposure to noise level greater than 85 decibel can cause permanent damage to hearing abilities. When you are exposed to noise level greater than 100 decibel, hearing loss can happen in just 15 mins. Robert Beiny, UK and European Audiologist of the Year said: “To put it in perspective, when a sound is increased by ten decibels our ears perceive it as being twice as loud so we would consider the vuvuzela to be more than double the volume of the cowbell.” --- Read More:

…When they had eaten and drunk to their hearts’ content, she waved her wand over them, and at once the poor wretches were changed into grunting pigs, which she shut up in sties. Then she threw acorns and other food fit for swine before them. Although thus transformed and covered with bristles, they still retained the human mind. Read More:

It’s important to remember, though, about the doubling of sound energy when you are dealing with sounds loud enough to cause hearing loss. Exposure to 100 dB noise for more than 15 minutes can cause permanent hearing damage; 103 dB is twice as loud, so noise at that level can cause damage after half as long, or seven and a half minutes. Chances are you can’t even hear the difference between 100 dB and 103 dB, so when you’re dealing with noise at that level, it’s safest just to wear hearing protection no matter how long you’re going to be exposed. Read More:

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