Diana: weeping at the grove in alba

Great Diana. It is the cult of Diana, the mother goddess. Great Diana of the Ephesians. The ruins of her ancient capital yielded the finest statue of what is called “the mother goddess of Asia.” She looks into space with that impersonal divinity, a kind of benevolence free of compassion, which the Christian ideal of kindness was soon to humanize in the world where the statue was carved. The ages do pursue each other, and answers are better or worse according to the hearts and minds that find them…

---As I began watching interviews I began to see some very familiar discrepancies in the press version of what Diana said during interviews. There was also a pattern of misinformation surrounding her and clues in Princess Diana’s answers as to her recognition of the precarious position she was in. Michael talked about the patterns in the same stalking and abuse they both suffered, in the song, “Privacy”. I want you to take time to listen to every one of these videos because you will see that neither Michael nor Princess Diana believed these “paparazzi” were your ordinary, run-of-the-mill photo seekers.....Read More:http://michaelsguardian.blogspot.com/2011/04/michael-jackson-princess-diana-shared.html

Was princess Diana of Wales a symbol of the goddess Diana? The latest documentary on her life, Unlawful Killing, does little to disengage the viewer from the belief that her death harkens to a historical background traced to the ancient goddess and engaging the viewer into the realm of ritual sacrifice.  Diana was one of the greatest goddesses of the ancient world and she represented the female energy also known as Barati, Britannia, Isis, Artemis, Aphrodite, all these different names for the same energy. If you go back far enough, they symbolize the same entity, also, Ninkharsag. Diana was also known as the moon goddess. Keith Allen’s film does little to dispel the unsettling perplexity. However, since it was funded by Mohamed Al-Fayed, its trustworthiness is not a slam-dunk. …

Certainly, the ancient Greeks were always ready to incorporate strange gods into their own household of divinities. When they colonized Ephesus in Asia Minor in about 1000 B.C. the found a primeval eastern goddess of motherhood and fertility being worshiped, whom they soon blended with their own Artemis, who was the Roman Diana. To her the Ephesians built the great temple housing her towering image that became a wonder of the classic world, of which the Temple and her image were later destroyed. It was only in the 1950’s that life-sized marble representation , carved in Roman times was unearthed and thought by its finders to be the closest known approach to the original. It certainly is splendid.

James Frazer:Of the worship of Diana at Nemi some leading features can still be made out. From the votive offerings which have been found on the site, it appears that she was conceived of especially as a huntress, and further as blessing men and women with offspring, and granting expectant mothers an easy delivery. Again, fire seems to have played a foremost part in her ritual. Read More:http://www.templeofearth.com/books/goldenbough.pdf

…In the funeral oration of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997, her brother drew an analogy between the ancient goddess of hunting and his sister – “the most hunted person of the modern age”. An on-line trailer for the movie claims Diana wrote a letter to a friend in 1993 alleging that “my husband is planning an accident in my car.” Any serious effort at unraveling this mystery is somewhat obscured in the film when there are appearances by pop culture procrastinators of knowledge such as Howard Stern, Kitty Kelley and Piers Morgan. …

The paradox, is that this Greek deity was in contradiction to the only monotheism of the time which was Judaism; the Jews were theoretically a pure spiritual people who had discovered the oneness or unity of God or the sacred, who were forced to become materialists to survive in a world that however much it yeasays spirituality refuses to accept the control of instinct that is a sign and proof of being truly human, that is, a spiritual being. Spiritual consciousness in fact brings with it a sense of the oneness or unity of self that the instinctive never affords. Pagan religions,such as the ancient Greeks, which are purely instinctive: randomly and promiscuously found the sacred in an endless variety of objects -animal, vegetable, and mineral-, suggesting that they lack a concept of unitary selfhood and the concentration of purpose that comes with it. These are exactly what one finds in Modiglianis figures: they are always one with themselves and resonate with a sense of existential purpose.)

---The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was dedicated to Diana / Artemis. Only the foundation and one column remain of what was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Paul's successful ministry in Ephesus was a threat to this temple (Acts 19:27)....Artemis / Diana To the Greeks she was the Virgin huntress. In Turkey she was the mother goddess, and this statue from the Artemis temple at Ephesus depicts her with many breasts. She is goddess of childbirth and protectress of young women. She was served by the Amazons, a tribe of strong women in Asia Minor. Read More:http://www.mesacc.edu/~kgaisfor/Turkey/Goddess.htm

James Frazer, ( The Golden Bough ) : What little we know of the functions of Diana in the Arician grove seems to prove that she was here conceived as a goddess of fertility, and particularly as a divinity of childbirth. It is reasonable, therefore, to suppose that in the discharge of these important duties she was assisted by her priest, the two figuring as King and Queen of the Wood in a solemn marriage, which was intended to make the earth gay with the blossoms of spring and the fruits of autumn, and to gladden the hearts of men and women with healthful offspring.Read More:http://www.bartleby.com/196/27.html

---Artemis with a Doe Roman Imperial copy (first-second century AD) after a Greek original. This work was a gift from Pope Paul IV to the French king Henri II, and one of the first ancient statues to arrive in France. The goddess - Diana to the Romans, Artemis to the Greeks -was Apollo's twin sister. The goddess of chastity, and a tireless hunter whose arrows could punish the misdeeds of men, she is depicted here accompanied by a deer. The statue is based on a fourth-century BC Greek bronze attributed to Leochares. --- Read More:http://carraol.blogspot.com/2010/08/farewell-paris.html

What is represented on the bosom of the statue of Diana is a bodice spangled with eggs, at least according to Franz Miltner, thediscoverer of this figure which would be coherent with James Frazer’s work. The animal figures that decorate her robe would symbolize her power over a

ature and the signs of the zodiac on her breast would point to the power of the heavens.

When St. Paul tried to convert her city to Christianity, he was resisted. -St. Paul came to the city to win converts to the then new religion of Christianity. He was so successful that Demetrius feared the people would turn away from Artemis and he would lose his livelihood. He called others of his trade together with him and gave a rousing speech ending with “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” They then seized two of Paul’s companions and a near riot followed during a meeting at the city theater. Eventually, however, the city was quieted, the men released and Paul left for Macedonia.- Read More:http://www.unmuseum.org/ephesus.htm

…The tenor of the film Unlawful Inquest is a provable conspiracy after the fact, collectively organized by the British establishment and what Allen calls collectively “a safe pair of hands.” What the film appears to do is nourish the Diana industry and dehumanize her further into a one dimensional pop culture collectible. Likely, the most provocative aspect of her death is its study of human conscience as part of a moral, legal, and political phenomena that is elusive because it has no identifiable root; no basis that illuminates the difference between right and wrong. Systematically, this did not apply in the case of Diana.

To this theory it may naturally be objected that the divine consort of Jupiter was not Diana but Juno, and that if Diana had a mate at all he might be expected to bear the name not of Jupiter, but of Dianus or Janus, the latter of these forms being merely a corruption of the former. All this is true, but the objection may be parried by observing that the two pairs of deities, Jupiter and Juno on the one side, and Dianus and Diana, or Janus and Jana, on the other side, are merely duplicates of each other, their names and their functions being in substance and origin identical. With regard to their names, all four of them come from the same Aryan root DI, meaning “bright,” which occurs in the names of the corresponding Greek deities, Zeus and his old female consort Dione. In regard to their functions, Juno and Diana were both goddesses of fecundity and childbirth, and both were sooner or later identified with the moon. Read More:http://www.bartleby.com/196/27.html

---Like a beehive with Diana as the queen, the Temple of Artemis was surrounded by priests and priestesses, musicians, dancers, and acrobats. The temple had its own mounted police and the city became rich from the silver statues and ex-votos offered to Diana. Unfortunately, all that remains of the Wonder of the World is a single column and some rubble on the ground. Some of the stone is believed to have been used for the nearby mosque and most of the archaeological remains have been removed to the British Museum.--- Read More:http://www.sacred-destinations.com/turkey/ephesus-temple-of-artemis


Read More:http://www.scribd.com/doc/44872190/Roles-of-the-Northern-Goddess

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