signboard liberation front

by Art Chantry (

since we’ve been doing the dirty and talking about that there sex stuff and all (“screw” is such a great conversation opener, ya know?), i thought i’d post this curious little sign. sort of sez it all…..

this was sent to me in a pile of cool crap that ferko goldinger was disposing of. there’s a lot fo us “crappists” (“crappers”?) out there and rather than toss out our precious crap, we often send it to others so inclined. going through a pile of select crap sent by another aficionado is sheer bliss.

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apparently ferko spent some personal time snapping pictures of odd signage that gave him amusement. i, for one, am deeply grateful.

…smart move. it’s sort of like how them teabaggers proudly named themselves “teabaggers” and everybody snickered. now, a couple of years later, they get all mad when you call them teabaggers and correct you and say “tea party. we’re called the tea party now.”

‘linoleum dick’ will always be my hero. right up there with “wong fook hing book store” and the sex therapist “dr. anita phuque”. both 100% authentic. i’ve seen them with my own eyeballs….

…when i was a kid , there was a politician named “Fred H. Dore”, who repeatedly ran for office (eventually he won something and became a boring beurocrat).

on pacific avenue in tacoma in parkland, he had a big billboard of a photo of his boring stupid vapid face and big dayglo orange type saying ” vote for Fred H. Dore”. the word “DORE” filled almost half the billboard.

the really stupid thing was that he had this dayglo orange type all against a BLACK background. within a couple of days, some wanker got up there and used black spray paint to simply erase the right hand leg of the cap “R”. …

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