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Is age really just a number? Why do older men go for younger women. Even real younger women. Legal and over the hump of consentment. But real young. It must be the gene of the alpha male and it certainly smells that rotting fish odour of male patriarchy and sexism at a certain level. On the other hand, its origins are Biblical. King David always had a weak spot for the young and fair.More than most.  And when we think of Silvio Berlusconi, Picasso and Francoise Gilot and on almost ad finitum there is probably some connection with the Davidic in  finding favor with the king.

---The term “Alpha Male,” as it pertains to human socio-sexual dynamics, originates in anthropology/primatology, primarily in gorillas, but to a lesser extent in other apes such as bonobos and chimpanzees. The (much-simplified) idea is thus: there exists a semi-formal male hierarchy within primate cultures based on strength/fitness/power. The strongest/fittest/most-powerful is the “Alpha” and then you have second-place, third-place and so on. The lower apes on the hierarchy are “Betas.” The hierarchy functions rather simply: whoever you’re above on the hierarchy, you can tell them what to do, what to eat and what to fuck. Whoever is above you on the hierarchy tells you what to do, what to eat and who to fuck. The Alpha tells everyone what to do, what to eat and who to fuck. The lowest Beta tells no one. The way this plays out sexually is that the Alpha literally has almost all of the sex and the lower Beta apes have none. If a Beta tries to step out of place and fuck/eat/do something he’s not allowed to, the penalty is often death. The utilities and parallels to human sexuality on a macro-level are obvious and not entirely useful, but regardless PUA/MDA theory quickly picked up on them.---Read More: image:

Of course, there is something of a creepy factor. The perceived as morbid juxtaposition of gnarled and aged flesh, something past its expiry date pressed against something newly ripened and bursting with vitality. Some such as Hugo Schwyzer see the risk of presenting this kind of relationship as natural; a kind of biological inclination or predisposition that is applicable to men in particular. If so, we must ask whether or not it is indeed natural and why it is that we continue to feel somewhat disquieted about intimate relationships straddling generational differences, especially using the role model theory as a sense of context.

---“But you gain something, too. There is something wonderful in the student-teacher relationship — the rediscovery, the chance to have a relationship with a younger woman. It permits you to see the things you love with a fresh eye, makes them exciting again. And I don’t think there’s any question that surrounding yourself with youth keeps you younger.” Hef is just an old dude after all “It will be easier to perpetuate my story when I’m not around,” Hefner told me. “Because then nobody will be pissed off that I’m still getting laid.” He also pointed out that his mother lived to be 101....Read More:

Are men really meant to aspire towards Hugh Hefner? And what does it say about our culture when we assume men won’t be interested in women their own age?

…The octogenarian billionaire George Soros has been sued for US$10-million by a former Brazilian soap star who said he reneged on promises to give her an expensive apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Adriana Ferreyr, 28, said Soros had twice during the five years they dated promised to buy her apartments, but never followed through, according to her complaint filed Wednesday in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan….

Tony Curtis. 2008.---I ask him if he has a sort of warped Oedipus complex. Did it affect his relationships with women, particularly his usually short-lived marriages? "I am Oedipus," he responds. "Of course it ruined my relations with women. I had - what is the word?" After a pause, he finds the correct word: "satyriasis", a compulsion to sleep with everything in a skirt. He beams. "That's it. I was permanently aroused. Because of my mother, I didn't see women as people with intellects. All I wanted was big breasts and sex. I was trying to prove something. Then again, I was so good-looking." Read more:

…Ferreyr said she and Soros, who turns 81 Friday and is among the world’s most admired investors, had been dating for more than three years when he promised on Jan. 1, 2010, to buy her an apartment worth nearly $2 million two blocks from his home…. Read More:

…The pair broke up two months later and soon reconciled, but Soros told her as they lay in bed in August 2010 that he had given the apartment to a new girlfriend, the lawsuit said….

Its hard to gauge a wily old fox like Soros. Soros has a much noted chronic back condition, which apparently comes to the fore when when he is in the heat of important financial transactions and major trading decisions. Was Miss Ferreyr soothing for the back or did she augment the anxiety kinkiness of the dorsal vertebrae? Also, there must be an at least subliminal erotic charge about sharing the same bed with $14 billion dollars. A kind of gender power in bringing up or down the little monster, the alter-ego of the male driven market system.

Or, perhaps she was just viewed as an expensive pet. High maintenance but very fast depreciation. Tended and cared for in the fashion of being massaged and fed like a s

ted bovine to be kobe steak. Helas, its not the steak but the sizzle. Or, the question is that our societythrough popular culture, is so imbued with the seductive notion of cuteness; like dope fiends, many are seemingly addicted to objects/people that are both ingratiating and superficial as if it fills an emptiness in their lives. But George Soros?

---When it comes to middle-aged men, they want younger women, often ‘flaunt’ their brainpower and high income, shows a new study. To reach the conclusion, researchers at Gothenburg University and Oxford University studied 400 lonely hearts ads to see how men and women choose partners. ---Read More:

…An argument ensued, resulting in Soros slapping Ferreyr on the face and trying to choke her and throwing a lamp that smashed on the floor, cutting Ferreyr’s foot and requiring stitches, the lawsuit said.Nonetheless, the pair rekindled their romance and Soros told Ferreyr while they vacationed in St. Barts that he would give her another apartment, only to renege again, it said.Ferreyr is seeking damages for fraud, infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery and other claims…Read More:

The modern context of the alpha male theory is predominantly economic and derives it would appear from the practical theories of Thorstein Veblen. The idea that economic status is powerful motivator and distinction is the medium which turns the economic wheel which is based on invidious comparison.Veblen conceived of status among individuals as a stratification system, very similar to the idea extracted from the hierarchies that structure social relations in the animal realm particularly among primates but even the pecking order among roosters. As Joseph Heath explained, human action, according to Veblen is a continual effort to climb the ladder and is principally motivated by two fundamental instincts or proclivities. One is what Veblen termed the “instinct of workmanship,”-here objectivization of women- ”
we come to value that which is useful and effective, and to disparage that which is useless or wasteful.”

The second fundamental instinct is the “predatory proclivity,” which expresses itself in the form of
fighting, “practices of exploit,” and dominance in social relations The exercise of each of these proclivities serves as a basis for invidious comparison among persons, and thus the emergence of status hierarchy.Read More:

---As business has evolved, the alpha male drive for dominance that once assured the survival of the toughest has become increasingly maladaptive. In an environment where brains count a whole lot more than brawn, a physical pipsqueak can be a giant. In organisations that favour ensembles over solos, emotional intelligence does more to inspire loyalty than a loud roar or a puffed-up chest.---Read More: image:

Before David’s death, a fair virgin was sought for King David. Abishag, also, was brought before the king. “Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin, and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my Lord the king may have heat,” I Kings 1:2….

---Emotionally speaking, women may be the most complicated creatures on the entire planet. To claim their motivations exist solely to chase some ephemeral notion of The Alpha sells them (and us) way short. It leads to a dark and narrow and lonely purview of human sexuality. It’s a sad place to be. If you don’t believe me, scientific research has shown that women’s attraction to men with high testosterone (the ultimate indicator of Alphaness) not only changes with age, locations, and situation, but it even changes within their menstruation cycle. If science has shown us one thing, it’s that the desires and attractions of women are, believe it or not, even more complicated than we originally thought. But the Alpha worldview pigeonholes women into two simple, robotic drives: pursue the Alpha, use the Beta. This is fantasy. A role that’s purely an extension of the guy’s Alpha/Beta fixation in himself, a broken record playing inside his own mind. And not to mention it gives women little to no credit to both their nuanced preferences, as well as their ability to act on their own free will.---Read More: image:

…Abishag’s name means “blundering, to be enraptured, to deceive”. Abishag, a Shunamite, a very fair damsel, came and cherished the king and ministered to him, but the king knew her not, I Kings 1:3. Esther and Abishag were both fair young women. Abishag was rejected. Esther was chosen to be queen. What made the difference? “As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.” Proverbs 11:22 Read More:

---It's a commonly known fact that women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of guy. Regardless of the culture or the country, men who don't display alpha male characteristics always have a difficult time attracting and maintaining the interest of women. They also find that other alpha males don't show them much respect in social situations. If you are currently not an alpha male, the great news is that you can learn how to become an alpha male very, very quickly. By learning how to be an alpha male, you will notice immediate changes in the way that women respond to you in terms of attraction and sexual desire.---Read More: image:

David’s wives, except for Mikal, are listed in 1 Chronicles 3:1-5. These women, along with their meanings, are listed in the table. Each wife was a test for David in the development of the Intimacy Room of the Edification Complex of the Soul. Bear in mind, that David had the Enduement of the Holy Spirit, but he did not have the Filling of the Holy Spirit nor the power of the Spiritual Life of believers in the Church Age. After each test was passed, David was promoted with another wife. After his victory over Goliath, he received his first wife. During his flight from Saul, he picked up two more, ‘Achino`am and Abigail. While he was King in Hebron, he picked up four more; and when he was King in Jerusalem, he picked up the eighth. Read More:

---When factor analyses are applied to the data on alpha risks, three distinct themes stand out: hard-driving competitiveness, interpersonal impatience and difficulty controlling anger. This trinity represents a compelling summary of alphas who create trouble: they see everyone as a rival and every situation as a contest for supremacy, they're demanding and impatient for results, and they're veritable powder kegs. Although people in supervisory positions have fewer alpha risks overall, they are somewhat more inclined to display anger, impatience and competitiveness. It is unclear whether people with those traits are drawn to supervising others or if becoming a manager brings them out. --- Read More: image:


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  1. Inès Ortega (Clauni) says:

    There are simpler ideas, too, relating the attraction for younger mates; powerful women are doing it openly now, but, different to men, they are older but still objectively attractive: Madonna, Demi Moore, Shakira. Young ppl is prettier, more appealing: truth is anybody likes old flesh, not men, not women; some older mates retain youthful appeal, natural/surgical. When that is lost, think it is an abuse to pay for younger flesh, to impose on someone a disgusting nearness. Men are more prone to that selfishness.

    To me there is a test, not my invention but Argentine writer`s Silvina Bullrich, she calls it “It`s Majesty Desire”, if it is present in both members of a couple, then there is legitimacy; otherwise can be many things, prostitution the most obvious.

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