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Lebensraum!A policy based on expansion, usurpation, of the living space of the other to make way for a growing race. Like the Third Reich, the basic intention of Israeli policy. By any other name it is ethnic cleansing. A resettling. The equivalent of Eichmann’s defense assertion that he was “trying to find a little firm footing for the jews” has now been applied to Arabs in a classic case of the oppressed adopting the mores and attitude of their former subjugators. What we have is a soft Kahanism, and Kahanism did not arise in a vacuum, but rather is the rotted and poisoned end fruit of relentless right wing propaganda, fear mongering and political assassination to eliminate divergent viewpoints on public policy. The gist of it all, is to make survival for the Palestinians more difficult and peel away their purpose and identity, dispossessing them incrementally and sadistically and slowly implementing the strands of thought of Martin Heidegger that so sparked the imagination of Nazi imagination.

Read More:http://www.palestineremembered.com/GeoPoints/Jerusalem_5180/Picture_68441.html

The settlers’ strategy  is the most obvious. The intentionis to make it impossible to split Jerusalem.And both Arabs and Jews in the conflict know that such partition is necessary for any peace.However, the prevention of a just resolution is exactly the settlers’ intention. Like the ancient Maccabees and zealots they encompass a toxic ideology  of the messianic mixed with the nationalistic. True patriots as distinct from the sometimes more questioning urban ruling class. Its redemption now! where the spiritual practice is a plot by plot, step by step, stone by stone capture and control of the Old City. Annexation. The most frightening aspect is that their approach is driven by religious commandment, an absence of doubt regarding the divine’s supervision of their work, the insurance policy of the Eternal One of Israel acting as master city planner and construction foreman.

---What was really Einstein�s view regarding the creation of the State of Israel? Dr. Lilienthal went to Princeton to see Einstein and pose the question directly to him. "Then, in 1952, in a message to a 'Children to Palestine' dinner, Einstein spoke of the necessity of curbing 'a kind of nationalism which has arisen in Israel if only to permit a friendly and fruitful co-existence with the Arabs.' When this portion of the Einstein message was censored in the organization's press release so as to impart the impression of all-out support Israel, I went to Princeton to seek the Professor's views on the incident. Einstein then told me that he had never been a Zionist and had never favored the creation of the State of Israel--- Read More:http://www.globalwebpost.com/farooqm/writings/other/einstein.htm

Its almost have if time and history exercise a circular and linear imagination on us. The current violence, and criminal behavior, essentially holding a nation captive and hostage with mitigated rights and lack of dignity is reminiscent of Antebellum south, Jim Crow laws, and apartheid South Africa and just a hair away from imposing Jewish stars, make that Arab Crescents, on the Palestinians. The bantustan solution, cobbled together from the worst of “enlightened” European policies is unfortunately the norm. And people continue to contribute money to Israel, both from Jewish and Christian donors; they may specify that their funds are not to be diverted to the military, but they are then used in various “public service” projects which may be even more insidious since they involve expropriation of housing, land and the dirty war of “facts on the ground.”

---Ben Gurion declared. 'Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it's true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been antisemitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwiztz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that? They may perhaps forget in one or two generations' time, but for the moment there is no chance. So, it's simple: we have to stay strong and maintain a powerful army. Our whole policy is there. Otherwise the Arabs will wipe us out.' " ..."We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us. Allon repeated his question, What is to be done with the Palestinian population?' Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said 'Drive them out!" ---Rabin. leaked censored version of Rabin memoirs, published in the New York Times, 23 October 1979. Read More:http://www.globalwebpost.com/farooqm/writings/other/einstein.htm image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/DistrictOfJerusalemTownsPictures.html


Beyond religious motivations, the underlying political intentions are clearly visible. The settlers want to create “facts on the ground” that will render impossible any future resolution of the Jerusalem question. They are well aware that just as the West Bank settlements forestall any genuine peace arrangement in the region, so will the East Jerusalem settlements sabotage any option for territorial concessions in or around the city. The website of Ateret Kohanim states this openly: “Determination and collaboration with the authorities have proven the old method of Zionism – it is Jewish settlement that determines the borders of the state!” As far as they are concerned, expansion into the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem will prevent the city’s ever being divided. ( Meir Margalit )

“as I think of the many myths, there is one that is very harmful, and that is the myth of countries. i mean, why should I think of myself as being an argentine, and not a chilean, and not an uruguayan. I don’t know really. all of those myths that we impose on ourselves — and they make for hatred, for war, for enmity — are very harmful. well, i suppose in the long run, governments and countries will die out and we’ll be just, well, cosmopolitans.” – jorge luis borges

Store. Jerusalem.---Denis Goldberg: On the other hand, I do not accept that the bombing of the Twin Towers, spectacular as it was, was a legitimate tactic. The people who died were not the ones who were oppressing the people of Palestine. What one needs to think about is how in the feudal countries of the Middle East the Palestinian people cannot be free because they will challenge the feudal system. The feudal rulers have supported the demand for a secular Palestinian state, but not when the Palestinians get really dangerous, as we saw with Jordan when they were thrown out of Jordan. Madi Gray: That was quite a long time ago. Read More:http://www.liberationafrica.se/intervstories/interviews/goldberg/ image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/GeoPoints/Jerusalem_5175/Picture_11989.html

Meir Margalit:The settler project is a well-thought-out and deeply dangerous attempt by right-wing Israelis to thwart future peace plans. Quietly and furtively, Israel’s government is using the settlers to seal up the last loopholes through which a just peace could conceivably make its way. Whether or not the new settlements modify East Jerusalem’s character,

y will certainly be in a position to sabotage any agreement. Both the Israeli government and the Palestinians are aware that East Jerusalem will be unable to function as the capital of Palestine when it is not only encircled by settlements, but pierced by others within.Read More:http://www.challenge-mag.com/en/article__73/settlements_and_settlers_in_the_old_city

…the nation-state will continue to exist despite the challenges to its scope or realm of authority that globalization and the internet present. it’s rooted on a culture that cannot free itself from ethno-racial centrism. perhaps a new mode of relationships will over-time succeed in dismantling the state, a landauer argued, but it does not appear certain, and not even likely..( Hune at Martin Buber Institute )

---Denis ( Goldberg ) Dennis spent 22 years in prison, from 1963 to 1985. He finds it difficult to describe his treatment in prison, the petty acts carried out by prison officers to degrade and humiliate, cold hard floors, hunger. “Prison was a terrible experience. I’ve tried to write about it and I can’t understand how the hell we did survive it.” In 1963, while in detention, Dennis briefly escaped but was recaptured by prison warders. His wife was detained and “was given a rather unpleasant time under interrogation”. He laughs and says “I’ve become so British saying it like that”. In fact among other things the authorities had threatened to take their two children away and put them in separate orphanages. Dennis’s wife and mother moved to England (his mother hailed from Hackney in London’s East End) to bring up their two children. On his release in 1985 he joined his family in London. “It was amazing to take part in a march and rally within weeks of arriving and have the column protected by the police.” Read More:http://stevesilver.org.uk/fighting-for-reconciliation/ image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/DistrictOfTiberiasTownsPictures.html


Meir Margalit:Within the Old City, operations are coordinated by Ateret Kohanim. In the Muslim and Christian quarters it controls 31 buildings where 60 families reside, amounting to 300 people. Most of these structures are grouped along Hagai Street near the Damascus Gate; the most famous is a house belonging to Ariel Sharon. Ateret Kohanim has also gained possession of St. John’s Hostel (see #32 on maps, p. 17 and p. 19), a large building close to the Holy Sepulcher: a legal dispute is underway concerning it. More recently it purchased, by dubious methods, two hotels near the Jaffa Gate – the Imperial (#29) and the Petra (#30), over which legal proceedings continue. It is behind plans to build a Jewish enclave close to the Flower Gate (Herod’s Gate). Although a government initiative, the enclave is designed for the settlers of Ateret Kohanim. Some 33 dwellings will be erected, together with a synagogue that will protrude meters over the Old City wall (#33). In addition, several religious schools serve the purpose of staking out a Jewish presence in each of the Old City’s Arab neighborhoods. The number of Jewish buildings and institutions scattered throughout the Christian and Muslim quarters approaches 80, not counting the 33 housing units planned near the Flower Gate. Ateret Kohanim also operates beyond the Old City walls. It is behind the unlicensed construction of a seven-story building on the edge of Silwan. Read More:http://www.challenge-mag.com/en/article__73/settlements_and_settlers_in_the_old_city image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/GeoPoints/Jerusalem_5177/Picture_15308.html

Dennis Goldberg ( interview in Israel after being released from South African prison, 1985 ):

One of his first targets is Israel, which maintains close economic, political and, according to Goldberg, military relations with South Africa. Goldberg said he had requested a meeting with Foreign Ministry officials to discuss the issue.

Goldberg asserts that the military ties include two-way weapons sales and Israeli training of South African soldiers both here and in South Africa to help them combat guerrillas operating from neighboring African countries….

---Denis Goldberg: Yes, but the point is it's been going on and on and on. They mouth off against Israel as the oppressor, but they don't actually want a secular Palestinian State, a modern State that will challenge the feudal aristocracy, and that for me is a very serious problem. Now I'm not blaming the oppressed for their oppression, I'm simply saying that Arafat's creation of Palestinian nationalism out of pan-Arabism is very significant but it held within it a serious contradiction, because it was challenging the pillars of pan-Arabism, namely a religious feudal system, and Palestinians are the workers and the intellectuals throughout the Middle East and a threat, in the end, to the feudal overlords. To support the Palestinian people against all that is not terrorism. Read More:http://www.liberationafrica.se/intervstories/interviews/goldberg/ image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/DistrictOfJerusalemTownsPictures.html

…“Who is more skilled in cross-border raids than the Israelis?“

Goldberg asked. “If you want the knowledge, you buy it. That is what governments and armies do.“

Economically, Goldberg said, Israel acts as a conduit for boycotted South African products, including steel, heading for European markets.

“Through its relations with South Africa, Israel aids in the government`s oppression,“ he said. “I believe it is not in Israel`s long-term interest to ally itself with oppression. The Jews, who have experienced centuries of oppression, have a moral duty not to ally themselves with the South African regime.“…

---in 1947 the u.n. voted for the partition of palestine leading to the establishment of a jewish state without a prior negotiated accord with its neighbors. but israel took it anyway. in september 2011, the u.n. is poised to vote for a palestinian state without a prior negotiated accord with its principal neighbor, israel. i think both palestine and israel should take it, and use this as an opportunity to negotiate peace as equal recognized members of the international community.--- ( Hune at Martin Buber Institute ) image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/GeoPoints/Jerusalem_5176/Picture_75566.html

…Goldberg also called upon the United States and other countries to cut their ties with South Africa and halt sporting exchanges, which he said Pretoria exploits to enhance its legitimacy.

Israel does not hide its trade ties with South Africa, but denies that it maintains any military ties.

In an interview with the Israeli magazine Koteret Rashit, Goldberg raised a furor in Israel soon after his arrival by reportedly expressing sympathy with the Palestine Liberation Organization in its struggle for national self- determination….

Margalit:The spatial spread is not random. It fits a strategic program with both religious and political implications. Examining the map of Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, we find that the settlers’ plan is to create a strip of Jewish localities around the Old City. These will fulfill two roles: first, they will sever Arab territorial contiguity between the northern and southern parts of Jerusalem; second, the Old City will be enveloped by Jewish “islands,” which will eliminate any possibility that Jerusalem can function as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Read More:http://www.challenge-mag.com/en/article__73/settlements_and_settlers_in_the_old_city image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/GeoPoints/Jerusalem_5180/Picture_15399.html

…Particularly galling to some Israelis were reported remarks by Goldberg condoning the use of terror as a legitimate political weapon. Read More:http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1985-03-21/news/8501160166_1_anc-leadership-denis-goldberg-nelson-mandela
Meir Margalit:At places in East Jerusalem where residential construction is not an option, the Israeli authorities use another method for boosting Jewish presence. They mark extensive swaths of land into ‘green’ and tourist areas with a strong Jewish flavor. The aim of transforming open space into parks is to prevent what the state calls an “Arab takeover.” In public parks, the architectural elements, signposts, guards and paths create continuity between Jewish sites.

Leading the process in the Old City is the Company for Rehabilitation and Development of the Jewish Quarter, a subsidiary of the municipality and the national government. In 2001 it published a grandiose plan to build hundreds of homes in the Jewish Quarter and on Mount Zion in an overall area of 225,000 square meters, as well as several tourism projects (near Mount Zion, in Silwan, the Flower Gate and the Dung Gate) at a cost of $36.4 million.3 In the brochure’s introduction, the objective of the project is defined as “bringing back a strong Jewish presence to the Old City.” The trend is to create continuity between the Old City and the rest of Jerusalem by augmenting the Old City with hundreds of housing units for Jews, thus “improving” the demographic balance. A tunnel will be excavated beneath Mt. Zion linking West Jerusalem to the Western Wall, and a residential and business center will be built on a seven-dunam plot. The present parking lot of the Jewish Quarter will be replaced by an underground car-park catering to 600 cars. A promenade is to be built over the roofs of the Arab market, connecting the Jewish Quarter (#31) with the other islands of Jewish presence scattered throughout the Muslim and Christian quarters. Public buildings are planned on Mount Zion, enabling the evacuation of offices and institutions now located in the Jewish quarter; the spaces they occupy will then be rezoned as residential areas.

Rabkin:From the outset, Zionists proclaimed their desire to transform the humble East European Jew into an assertive Hebrew who does not hesitate to use arms. To do so, they set to free him from the yoke of Torah and the Jewish tradition. It is not surprising that most Jews, in Palestine and elsewhere, vigorously opposed Zionism when it emerged in the late 19th century. Zionism and the powerful Zionist state continue to engender opposition. Many Jews try to come to terms with the contradictions between the Judaism they profess to adhere to and the Zionist ideology that has taken hold of them. Quite a few of them, such as the New York historian Tony Judt and the former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Meron Benvenisti, now publicly ask whether the chronically besieged ethnic nation-state in the Middle East is “good for the Jews.” Read More:http://www.yakovrabkin.ca/english/articles/judaism-zionism-and-israel/jewish-dissent-on-zionism-and-israel-goes-mainstream/ image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/DistrictOfJerusalemTownsPictures.html

An additional project using natural and scenic values to bolster Jewish presence in the Old City has been handed to the East Jerusalem Development Company (EJD, another of the municipality’s subsidiaries). The project entails a national park composed of fifteen separate areas, from the Sultan’s Pool on the west side of the Old City to the Mount of Olives on the east: its cost will be about $17 million. A brochure states that in order to combat illegal construction and squatting, rapid action is necessary to preserve the area’s status as a tourist attraction. The government has defined the project as a “national mission.” Clearly, when it invokes this phrase, it means more than planting trees and placing park benches. In a newspaper interview, the EJD spokesperson used the phrase “the battle for Jerusalem.”4 These projects should therefore be considered as constituting further tools for the takeover of the city and as an integral part of the settler project. Read More:http://www.challenge-mag.com/en/article__73/settlements_and_settlers_in_the_old_city
The settlers employ two basic methods for seizing Arab properties in East Jerusalem. One is to use an Israeli law concerning absentee property. The other is to involve Arab middlemen.

A major factor in seizing properties has been the Custodian of Absentee Property, an office subordinate to the Justice Ministry. The ties between the Custodian and the settlers were revealed in 1992 when Yitzhak Rabin’s government set up a state commission, headed by the Director of the Justice Ministry, Haim Klugman. It discovered that the sources funding the acquisition of houses derived originally from the Finance Ministry. It found that in the 1980s the Custodian regularly and clandestinely transferred to the settlers properties belonging to Arab absentee owners. First, the Custodian would declare the properties absentee-owned buildings, on the basis of doubtful information and documents given him by the settlers themselves. He then transferred the properties by a circuitous process to the settlers.5 For example, in 1982 a building was owned by the Abassi family; after the owners died, their heirs were declared absentees. The Custodian transferred the building to EJD, which transferred it to the settlers under protected rent. To some extent, this conduit was blocked following the Klugman Report, but it has not been completely eradicated.

Rabkin:In its attempt to ‘normalize the Jewish people’, Zionism challenged the historical continuity expressed in the dichotomy of reward and punishment, of exile and redemption. Both Zionist intellectuals and the orthodox rabbis who oppose them agree that Zionism represents a negation of Jewish tradition. Yosef Salmon, an authority on the history of Zionism, writes: But it was the Zionist threat that offered the gravest danger, for it sought to rob the traditional community of its very birthright, both in the Diaspora and in Eretz Israel, the object of its messianic hopes. Zionism challenged all the aspects of traditional Judaism: in its proposal of a modern, national Jewish identity; in the subordination of traditional society to new life-styles; and in its attitude to the religious concepts of Diaspora and redemption. Read More:http://www.yakovrabkin.ca/english/articles/judaism-zionism-and-israel/judaism-vs-zionism-in-the-holy-land/ image:http://www.palestineremembered.com/GeoPoints/Jerusalem_5180/Picture_15491.html

A regular pattern is visible in the purchasing methods used by the settler associations. Three types of properties are vulnerable:

a. Properties owned by a family one of whose members is involved with criminal circles, when this person needs money to buy drugs or pay debts in the underworld. Such a person can easily be tempted. This was the fate, for example, of the Ajlouni family home, seized in February 2004. A son who was entangled in drugs and criminal activities sold the two-story house, without authorization, plus four housing units that were registered in the names of his brothers.6

b. Properties where a destruction order is soon to be carried out. The owners face the alternative of selling their home to settlers or losing everything. In similar cases, it can reasonably be assumed that municipal inspectors pass information to the settler associations concerning homes that are about to be destroyed; they dispatch an Arab ‘straw’ broker, who closes the deal on the settlers’ behalf.

c. Properties of families who have gotten into debt. This has been a common phenomenon over the past few years, particularly since the second Intifada, when the economic slowdown cost many workers their jobs in construction and tourism.

The settler associations are able to pinpoint and exploit any weakness in an Arab village or neighborhood. In an operation carried out in February 2004, settlers simultaneously entered 16 buildings that had been acquired over the previous two years. Silwan’s Arab residents assess that 20 to 30 buildings have changed hands in recent years; they base their estimates on inside information originating in their extended families.

There is a fixed pattern to seizing buildings. A dwelling is occupied by a new Arab resident, usually not from the village. This may be a single man or a family in economic straits. In most cases, the settlers operate in this way to avoid implicating the seller’s family, attempting to ward off suspicions that they sold the house to Jews. The new resident continues living in the building (for free) until the settlers decide that the time is ripe to seize it. The “temporaries” then often move to another “free” dwelling.

Once the settlers have taken over a building, it rapidly becomes a fortified site in the finest colonial tradition, with a security fence, guard-posts, projectors, often closed-circuit surveillance, and of course a provocative flag. Border Police jeeps patrol the site – a constant irritation to Arab residents. Whenever Jews leave their homes in Silwan or the Muslim Quarter, they are escorted by a pair of armed security guards. Whereas the Zionist movement dreamed of establishing a state to extricate the Jewish people from ghettos, the settlers willingly wall themselves in.

Money is no problem. Both state and private sources fund the settlers’ operations in East Jerusalem. The governmental sources are clouded in secrecy, passing through various ministries under confusing names. Until 1992, the state transferred absentee property and vast sums to the settlers through the Housing Ministry in particular. The Klugman Report estimated that the government transferred around $8.2 million to the settlers in order to buy buildings, passing on an additional $12.8 million for renovating old ones.7 Currently the state provides support to the settlers in two ways: it finances the security companies at an annual cost of 24 million shekels, and it also employs many of them as security guards and functionaries at the City of David’s archaeological site.

It is hard to distinguish the private donors because they demand anonymity. The best known is Irving Moskowitz, the undisputed patron of the East Jerusalem settlers. A group of American Jewish millionaires has formed around Moskowitz. Many are willing to donate on condition that the recipients maintain a low profile and do not arouse the anger of non-Jews. Accordingly, the settlers use collaborator tenants and refrain at first from registering the property in their own names, until the politically appropriate period arrives. [See box, p. 20.] Read More:http://www.challenge-mag.com/en/article__73/settlements_and_settlers_in_the_old_city
“The best estimate is that 10% of the city’s budget goes to east Jerusalem,” he said, noting that no one knew how much money was actually destined for the eastern part of the city. But it should be closer to the 30%, since Arabs in east Jerusalem account for more than a third of the city’s residents, he explained.

He also wants to promote more projects such as the recently failed initiative in Al Suhawra, which would have retroactively legalized and given permits for 2,500 housing units.

Margalit replaces Yakir Segev, from Barkat’s Jerusalem Will Succeed party. Segev’s east Jerusalem portfolio was to advocate both for the Arab residents of east Jerusalem and the Jewish residents who live in predominantly Arab neighborhoods.

Margalit refused to represent these populations, so the east Jerusalem portfolio will now be divided into two separate portfolios. City Councilor David Hadari (HaBayit Hayehudi) will receive a new portfolio to work with Jewish residents of east Jerusalem, in addition to holding the financial portfolio….Read More:http://www.jpost.com/NationalNews/Article.aspx?id=228104
It took me 25 years to find this quote, from Edgar Cayce’s reading #5377-1. Cayce makes it very clear Israel does NOT refer to the Jews, but to Truth Seekers. No wonder this never sees the light of day. The numbers following these quotes refer to specific readings given by Cayce, and can be confirmed by the A.R.E., his organization.

CAYCE QUOTE: Let there be the study, the closer study of the promises which are made in the book [BIBLE], yes, the history of the Jew; yet these HAVING FAILED, who is Isreal? Not the Jew, but Israel is THE SEEKER AFTER TRUTH. 5377-1

Other related Cayce quotes:

For those WHO SEEK are indeed Israel, and Israel indeed is ALL who seek; meaning not those as of the children of Abraham, but of every nation, every tribe, every tongue — Israel of the Lord! This is the full meaning of Israel. 2772-1

Q: What should be understood be the statement (Genesis 49:10) “The scepter has not departed from Israel”?

CAYCE’s ANSWER: Israel is the chosen of the Lord and that His promise, His care, His love has not departed from those THAT SEEK TO KNOW HIS WAY, THAT SEEK TO SEE HIS FACE, THAT WOULD DRAW NIGH UNTO HIM. THIS is the meaning, this should be the understanding to all. Those that seek are Israel. So Abraham means call; so Israel means those who seek. How obtained the supplanter the name Israel? For he wrestled with the angel, and he was face to face with the seeking to know His way. 262-28 Read More:http://www.reversespins.com/cayceisrael.html

Read More:http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/Laura-Knight-Jadczyk/article-lkj-04-03-06-b.htm

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