wmd home edition

found. Just those items we need. Culture codes these types of good differently today, in the form of particularly video games such as Call of Duty, which in effect, are recruitment tools and cultural moral suasion to militarism, but the humble origins began much earlier, at the dawn of the computer age and within the context of the Cold War.

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a and why not, while were at it, learn how to build more, quicker…..

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…Produced in 1974 by the “Educational Products Inc. Division of Westinghouse Learning Corporation”. The contribution of “Mark Coker, Productivity Management Consultant” to the development of the game is acknowledged.

“The Productivity Management Game presents real life simulations of situations and activities leading to the improvement of productivity in a variety of businesses and industries. Improved productivity contributes to profitability and lowered consumer costs.

Game Objective: to undertake three productivity improvement projects for an organization and to complete the projects on or ahead of schedule, with anticipated or greater savings for the organization.” Read More:http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30418/the-productivity-management-game

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