gettin’ yer ya ya’s out

by Art Chantry (

this is the rolling stones playing live at the 1965 seattle teen spectacular. this photo is taken by the legendary jini dellaccio (probably the greatest “undiscovered” rock photographer of all time.) the band is performing on a revolving stage in the middle of the seattle center coliseum (now called ‘key arena’). this octagonal stage was built on volkswagon wheels and a couple of guys UNDER the stage (usually prominent local KJR dj’s pat o’day and dick curtis, the event promoters) would push it and turn it revolving around in a circle as the band performed. most of the biggest bands of the mid-sixties actually played on this stage (including the beatles).

AC:. i forget who the line up was at this event. but, the sonics did play. and so did the wilers and the raiders and maybe even the kingsmen. national acts were the likes of the beach boys and the who and the kinks and the seeds and mitch rider & the detroit wheels and the mamas & the papas and (i think) the shangri-las. i'd have to go do a little research to figure it out. the teen spectacular happened for about 3 or 4 years in the middle of the 60's. they even toured then show south to tacoma (at the ups fieldhouse. the who played there.)

here are some more live shots by jini dellaccio of the rolling stones playing at the 1965 seattle teen spectacular on that revolving stage….


here are the last of those live shots of the rolling stones playing on that revolving stage at the 1965 seattle teen spectacular. amazing northwest photo ace jini dellaccio took these snaps eventually a big book of jini’s work will someday show up. she’s one of the truly great rock photographers of all time. but nobody outside of the northwest has seen her work. that close-up shot on the left is keith richards, ian stewart and legendary KJR dj pat o’day trying to fix a monitor….


…there’s one photo in the middle that’s captioned, “the liverpool five.” the ‘british invasion’ at that time was so hugely popular that we yanks thought ALL british bands were from liverpool (like them beatles). the stones were actually all from london. to complicate matters even more, there was a northwest band called ‘the liverpool five’, but they were from boise, idaho! they chose the name to try to cash in on the ‘british invasion’ success and had a number of hit singles and released two or three full LP’s. so, the caption was also a little jab/joke at that band. but, now a lot of historians get all confused and actually think this is a photo of the liverpool five. what a mess.

…i finally met him the other day. man, he looks rough. he’s finally clean and sober. and the best part is when he opens up his mouth – he sounds exactly like pat o’day!!… KJR at it’s peak had something like a 60% market share! try to imagine that!…

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One Response to gettin’ yer ya ya’s out

  1. DR Wilson says:

    Do you have any info photos on the 1965 Teen Spectacular at the Seattle Center Coliseum that featured the Kinks, Sam the Sham & The Pharohs, The Righteous Bros. and The Sonics? I think it was in June of 1965?

    I’ve still got my ticket stub and program.

    DR Wilson

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