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Culture jamming. Sometimes the artwork and aesthetics of culture jammers is of such ingenious quality that it could appear as if the anti-corporate dissent of the activists is actually produced by the offending companies themselves. That is, ostensible anti-consumerist messages could actually be reinforcing the behavior they seek to change. The work is so “cool” it serves as credible corporate responsibility advertising dictated by marketing departments. As Potter and Heath affirmed in Rebel Sell, dissent can easily serve as a consumerist mechanism by generating its own series of comparative preferences through a search for the genuine and authentic.The question is whether variations on American Ad council public service style ads would be more effective, actually touching on a less segmented and “hip” audience, prone to cue on specific cultural language pertinent to that demographic.

Nonetheless, the integrity of the engagement is underscored by many of commitment and not a passing phase as temporary lifestyle choice.  From Jonathan McIntosh, pop culture hacker and noted political remix video specialist:

A street art parody poster for “Poland Springs Bottled Air” found wheatpasted in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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Photo by Alex E. Proimos

These posters have been all over New York since this summer. There are many different variations of them, but they are all built around the image of “eviair” and “Poland Spring Air” canisters on gas masks. They’re beautiful pieces that are so well made that they are often confused for actual ads. So good on the artist, right? …

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