retro tribal

by Art Chantry (

i repeat – i love modernism! it’s just so RETRO!! see that “big idea”? it’s about ‘thinking outside the box (canvas)’. get it? it’s whatcha call yer “HIGH CONCEPTING”. *belch* …well, keep in mind it’s only a highly stylized ILLUSTRATION for a cheap pamphlet cover. that’s all. it ain’t “art”….so does a pile of poop. doesn’t mean it’s art…unless marcel duchamp calls it art….i just notice that artists’ palette reversed out of the black shape over the canvas. man, that’s some cornball stuff!!…i would also like to point out that the whole reason that gyorgy kepes put that white box on that otherwise solid black cover is to allow room for his spine copy to get pasted in without creating a cut-line shadow along the edge next to the black. tidy man, that kepes!…


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